Dear Michael Bloomberg

Dear Michael Bloomberg (Mayor of New York City),

Just wanted to alert you that I am available, if the hours are right, to join the stable of writers of your new “Bloomberg View” enterprise. Our views on free trade (pro), taxes (don’t like ‘em) and tobacco (tax it like hell) are congruent. The $500 grand a year you are offering to prominent journalists is a nice round number I could live with.

I could add knowledge about the manufacturing world, which your provincial New York Wall Street-focused crowd could certainly use.

As a fellow magazine publisher I can relate to your comment recounted in the March 1st New York Times concerning your purchase of Business Week. When a bevy of consultants recommended that you pass on buying the money hemorrhaging publication because they said in a good year it would lose $25 million you said, “Do I look like a guy worried about losing $25 million?”

With your net worth pushing $20 billion, according to Forbes, and your age (late 60s) we have at least one thing in common. I was hoping you would run for President in 2012 but it is looking more like you are leaving the Iowa Primary to Palin, Huckabee and other assorted losers. Allegedly you have looked at the Ross Perot approach and figured it was a waste of time for 2012.

Mike, I think I understand where you are coming from. Better to be King than President. Considered it myself.

I’ll FedEx my resume`. Keep reading my blog. You are one of the few billionaires who know what Swarf is.

Lloyd Graff
Today’s Machining World

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3 thoughts on “Dear Michael Bloomberg

  1. Jerry Johnson

    Sorry to be a little late getting this in, Noah. Hope you weren’t getting nervous about the Big Money.

    By the time the election roles around, unfortunately Obama and comboys will have our Country so screwed up Yosemite Sam could probably win, and do a better job.

    Maybe Rahm Emanuel…….. if we leave it up to the deep thinking electorate of Chicago.


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