Fire Fast, Hire Slowly

By Lloyd Graff

Jack Daly spoke to the Precision Machined Products Association Management Update in March and was inspirational as always. He is a sales guru who speaks all over the world on the fast topic of selling.

Daly made a comment that stuck with me long after the performance. “Fire fast, hire slowly,” he told his audience. My career is pockmarked with doing just the opposite to my great regret.

His gist was that you generally know if an employee is going to be good after you observe their performance for a week or a month. They may not be real productive quickly, but they will show the attitude and the work habits that bode well for success. If employees don’t have it they will send a message, too. I tend to get invested in my hires. Rooting for them to make it. Daly says no to that. Trust your gut. Observe closely. Cut your losses.

Question: Do you agree with the philosophy of “Fire fast, hire slowly”?

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One thought on “Fire Fast, Hire Slowly

  1. Val Zanchuk

    I agree with this philosophy. However, it can contrary to human nature for a lot of us, so it must become a real discipline and constantly reinforced.


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