Gun Control’s Biggest Advocate: The Church?

Courtesy of The Atlantic. By DAVID A. GRAHAM

A prominent Manhattan parish wants to turn moral authority into action, taking Walmart to task for selling weapons with high-capacity magazines.

Like many proud, East Coast WASP institutions, the Episcopal Church has lost considerable clout over the last few decades. Trinity Church, in Manhattan, is a rare redoubt of influence. Thanks to Queen Anne’s 215-acre donation in 1705, Trinity is one of Manhattan’s largest landholders. The church has sold some of the land and parlayed into a $2 billion portfolio, making it an exceptionally wealthy parish.

Two years ago, an internecine fight broke out over what to do with that money. Some members of the vestry, the parish’s managing board, felt the church should be more activist, and many of the more passive members resigned or were forced out.

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