Harrison Ford meets CNC Swiss

By Noah Graff

Hey all you CNC Swiss medical component manufacturers out there. Ever wonder how companies are using your parts when they leave your floor?

Recently medical device maker, Medtronic Inc., received a subpoena from federal prosecutors about a former army surgeon who is being accused by the army of falsifying data from his research on the company’s bone-growth product. Medtronic gave Dr. Timothy R. Kuklo nearly $800,000 over the past three years to conduct research on the company’s bone-growth protein called Infuse.

A sinister doctor falsifying medical research for a multi-billion dollar company—haven’t I seen something like this before? Ah yes. The Fugitive!

Source: Wall Street Journal

Question: Should the president of a medical device company be held responsible for a dishonest researcher?

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0 thoughts on “Harrison Ford meets CNC Swiss


    If the CEO of a company should be held responsible for the actions of someone who probably was not known to be falsifying information, should the citizens of a State (or its’ Governor) be held responsible for the actions of duly elected members of Congress who knowingly breach their oaths of office and hurt an entire
    Nation ?

    We need to get back to the days when we older folks were growing up and our folks taught us:
    a. To use common sense.
    b. How to differentiate Right from Wrong.