Hot Dog For IMTS!

By Lloyd Graff

The bi-annual IMTS gripefest will be upon us in half a year. An article in the February 5th Chicago Tribune documents why people hate McCormick Place. Stupid work rules, $66 per hour laborers, and overpriced food—that’s my town. Today’s dramatic cuts in the number of Chicago Transit Authority routes will also make the city even more alluring.

The Trib. article compares Chicago, Las Vegas and Orlando—the three biggies for huge conventions.

Orlando maybe cheap, Vegas has craps tables, but there’s no place like Chi-town for pizza and hot dogs.

Question: Will you be going to IMTS this year?

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6 thoughts on “Hot Dog For IMTS!

  1. Lloyd

    I plan to go to IMTS in September but not exhibit because it has become a poor value proposition for us even if we trade for the space. I will take the Metra train so I do not get ripped off on Parking and sneak in healthy food so I don”t get abused at the cafes. I still think Chicago is a much better venue than a plastic Vegas or boring Orlando,

  2. Slater Tools Inc.

    This will be the first time I know of that Slater Tools is exhibiting at the show. Our rotary broaching tools eliminate secondary operations and reduce cycle time for CNC machines just like they did for screw machines. We want machinists to see the tools up close. Because I’m used to sitting all week, I plan to try to eat healthy. I’ll be wiped out from being on my feet for the whole week. But I will splurge on a few things like hot dogs, pizza and a Tiger’s-White Sox game. Maybe it will feel a little bit like a vacation.


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