I No Longer Can Be Uninsurable

By Noah Graff

Hurray! The monumental health care bill has been passed—virtually. It’s been watered down from its original version dramatically, and one could actually make the argument that it’s pretty similar to the bill Republicans proposed. The bill contains hundreds of pages of details that I can’t be very articulate about at this point, but there’s one part of the bill that I can comment on because it significantly effects my life.

I have a preexisting medical condition I was diagnosed with when I was 18. It’s very controlled by medicine and has little effect on my daily life other than me having to take some expensive pills every day. Until now, if I wasn’t employed in a company that provided me health insurance benefits I would be virtually unable to buy health care. I’ve always felt scared that if I lost my job or wanted to start my own business that I would be left in the cold. Until now insurance companies would flat out deny me the right to coverage in a private plan. I would have to live in fear of becoming ill or having an accident, and I’d have to pay hundreds of dollars every month out of pocket for a drug to keep me healthy. In 2014, the new bill will ban pre-existing condition exclusion for all patients in the U.S. Even though that’s four years away, the bill also states that in 2010, it will provide immediate assistance for patients who are uninsured because of pre-existing conditions. So I’m assuming that means I no longer have to fear being uninsurable.

The ramifications of the new health care bill can be debated to death. The bill is far from perfect, but today I feel I have significantly more freedom in my life than I did yesterday. I, with so many others like me, have gained the freedom to switch jobs or start businesses and know we can now buy health care coverage. Hard to argue with that, isn’t it.

Source: Sacramento Bee

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4 thoughts on “I No Longer Can Be Uninsurable

  1. Philip c young

    as someone with chronic pain diabetes and a thyroid problem I was not only uninsurable but have been made unemployable from companies access to health records now
    I lost a contract due to the company going through my credit and health information
    to tell me I would not be given the contract because If I became Ill it would pose a risk to them
    when does this become a reason?
    I’m filing a complaint with eeoc

  2. Jim Sprague

    Wah wah wah. I had my first of 8 major surgeries at age eleven. I spent 1/2 of my childhood on crutches. When I turned 18 I started my own policy off of my parent’s policy. I put myself in college. I raised two kids as a single parent. I’ve started two businesses. Granted, my friends were driving nicer cars, living in better homes, wearing better clothes but I preferred to be responsible by putting money towards health insurance and life insurance. Sure it was tough but ain’t that just too bad. So whining don’t cut it with me bub.

  3. Noah

    That’s very impressive extraordinary stuff you have accomplished Jim. I don’t know bow u did it. Most probably couldn’t. But is it right that I shouldn’t have the right to pay for insurrence? I’m not expecting something handed to me, I just feel Im entitled to be able to buy the sam product as other people can do. It’s called equal rights. Not being descriminated against for being born a certain way. Besides, the health insurence companies may make more any way because they will have more money in the pool.

  4. Larry

    Lloyd, I’m really happy for you. The long and short, not only do I have to pay for the hand that I was dealt, I get to pay for yours and your neighbors and the dead beat druggie, and the bozo who at 16 years decides “who needs an education”, or the guy that has liver cancer because he get all his nutrition from a bottle of booze or the chain smoker that’s given a double lung transplant. Your new found freedom is resting squarely on my shoulders. You should be proud, YOU HAVE WON!!!!!!! You just joined the classification of freeloader (see liberial). And boy does my back hurt.


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