Impressions of IMTS In No Particular Order

The question most commonly asked at IMTS is, “How is the traffic?” That’s probably the wrong question today. The better question would be, “Are people buying?” Answer—not a lot at IMTS, despite what the big builders say for public consumption. But the mood at the show is quite good, with many attendees saying they plan to buy equipment in the future.

Despite the alleged tightness of credit, there seems to be no shortage of cash for machines companies need to expand and improve. Lack of financing may be the problem for the people who didn’t make it to the show.


One of my joys during IMTS is discovering somebody out of the blue who can explain his business so clearly that I can see a ton of applications I never had even considered. Schreiner ProTech, tucked into a corner in the North Hall, makes marking equipment and film that has a myriad of uses. If you need to put serial numbers on a part, they have a product. If you need to label a flashlight or a lock or a military part, they have a solution. I was intrigued by a membrane seal for an insulin pump they make with proprietary equipment. They are selling more products to the other exhibitors than the random walk-ins who find them at IMTS Booth N5091.


The DMG/Mori Seiki combined exhibit space is aircraft carrier big. They are spending over $8 million on the show with the goal of selling 200 machines. They’re making a statement, even if they sell half that.

Doosan took Haas’s spot on the floor from 2008, while Haas took a smaller less strategic location. Both have had a lot of action. This may reflect the big Haas push into China, India and Eastern Europe, and Doosan’s rising stature in North America.


IMTS’s crowd looks old, overweight, male and white – except for the Asians who are young, thin and wear ties. Amidst the thousands of people at the show there are very few smokers, even outside the permitted area.

McCormick Place has never looked better and the food is significantly improved. Also, I haven’t heard one complaint from exhibitors about the notoriously difficult union workers at McCormick Place.


We had a wonderful 10 year anniversary party Tuesday night for Today’s Machining World at Harry Carry’s restaurant. Celebrating with friends, family, colleagues and machining folk was a great gift. Barack sent his regrets.

Question: If you could have one new piece of capital equipment for your shop for free, what would you choose?

Membrane Seal for an Insulin Pump Made by Schreiner ProTech

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5 thoughts on “Impressions of IMTS In No Particular Order

  1. Torben Christensen

    If I could have one machine for free, It would be the INDEX R200. Of all the booths at IMTS I thought INDEX had the most exciting new products out there. Already known as a leader in mill/turn technology this machine surpasses all others I saw at the show as far as innovation and performance. I cannot wait to figure out how to get one!
    Torben Christensen
    Wiscon Products Inc.

  2. Noah Graff

    I have to say, I have talked to several exhibitors who seem pretty convincing that they have actually made true sales. Where did you get the information that people hadn’t actually made any sales?

  3. Emily Aniakou

    I was so impressed with the show. The traffic seemed great, people were positive, and I heard from several companies that people were buying. I think this will go down as a successful one. Kudos to show management. Hopefully this is indicative of better things to come.

  4. Robert Sarna Sr

    Congradulations Chicago……What a great show
    Here is a great story…..I lost my camera on the large bus that brings us from the hotel, the drivers were very helpfull, withen minutes my driver turned it in, and a lady inspector brought it to South hall.
    A wonderfull side note…. that driver would not take a reward, he patted me on the back and wished me a great time in Chicago.

    PS.. we also sold machines at the show

  5. Steve Pasbjerg

    I really thought the IMTS show represented a great opportunity for Schreiner. Based on the contacts and leads we have generated I believe the show really helped put Schreiner on the map. Thanks for stopping by the booth Lloyd!


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