IMTS Web Grief

The great rip off of IMTS is the $1200 that McCormick Place charges to run an Internet connection to an exhibitor’s booth. Such a charge is absurd on its face, but even more heinous because at least where the TMW booth is located, we can buy the McCormick Place Wi-Fi signal for $10 a day. It is perfectly adequate for email and searching Google but a little slow for video.

The McCormick Place Wi-Fi points out how old school the IMTS-McCormick Place approach is, despite the kinder and gentler face the Teamster’s Union is presenting. On Tuesday, the day before the show, the union guys cruised around the big hall offering drinks to the sweating technicians setting up their exhibits.

Chicago is desperate to hold on to the giant convention business, but they continue to hold on to the abusive pricing tactics that has driven business to Las Vegas and Orlando.

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2 thoughts on “IMTS Web Grief

  1. Tim Bourquin

    Unfortunately the ridiculous internet rates are in Las Vegas and Orlando as well.

    It’s an industry-wide problem that has directly caused show organizers to lose exhibitors.

  2. Bruce R. Colbert

    That’s not the only ripoff.
    Headed back to my overpriced Hyatt room, I stopped by the Starbucks kiosk to snag a beer to take back.
    $6.05!!!!!!!!!!! For one ????????
    Bruce R. Colbert
    The Ridge Tool Company


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