AquaTec 7655 Offers High Emulsion Stability

The right cooling lubricant can help optimize machining processes, increase productivity and ensure quality in produced parts, according to oelheld U.S. Inc. The company has released AquaTec 7655, a water-miscible product suitable for general to heavy-duty machining of steels, plastics
and aluminum alloys.

The fluid is TRGS 611 compliant and formaldehyde free. It is designed to extend tool life, offer corrosion protection and provide a good workpiece surface finish. AquaTec 7655 has been developed to offer high emulsion stability while requiring little maintenance, even in high production environments. AquaTec 7655 as well-suited for metalworkers operating at a high capacity.

Free seminars on water-miscible cooling lubricants are held regularly at oelheld, conducted by product specialists.

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