Meet Athena, the First Voice Assistant for the Manufacturing Industry

Cincinnati, Ohio — January 8, 2021 — Voice-enabled technology has transformed the way humans communicate. It’s here to stay, and now the manufacturing industry has an assistant of its own. Her name is Athena, and she was created to help machine tool builders provide more productive and efficient equipment to manufacturing companies who are always looking for ways to increase productivity.

Athena was initially launched by iTSpeeX, LLC in the spring of 2018. Since then, the voice assistant—who interacts with machine tool operators via a machine’s existing control screen or a separate display—has expanded to include over 500 commands designed to make machine operators more independent and more productive. She is able to listen to voice commands, provide instructional content, perform complex machine functions quickly and walk through vital checklists. 

“For years, the manufacturing industry has had to deal with a lack of skilled workers,” said Stephen Kappers, Principal at iTSpeeX. “That shortage is only exacerbated as you get into machine tools, where machine and control complexity continues to increase. We built Athena to help solve that skilled labor problem.”

Machine tool OEMs have lost sales simply because the shop owner has no one capable of operating the machine. Athena immediately solves that problem, helping builders sell more machines—even in situations where skilled labor is a need.

“Athena is an ideal solution for both machine tool OEMs and machine shop owners,” said Jerry Rex, Chief Revenue Officer at iTSpeeX. “OEMs simplify machine operation and reduce training costs, and end-users get a friendly assistant that makes them more efficient and productive.”

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