Delcam a triple launch at WESTEC

Figure 1: PowerMILL 10.0 PartMaker Version 2010 and FeatureMILL Version 2010 unveiled at WESTEC 2010, March 23 – 25, 2010. Major improvements include background processing, multi-threading and 5axis

All the new releases of Delcam’s CAM software will be demonstrated at WESTEC 2010 in Los Angeles California, March 23-25, 2010 on booth #2269. Most important to note for these new CAM releases is that Delcam’s development team (the largest in the industry) has been able to use the full power of recent hardware developments to further reduce calculation times with both parallel processing and multi-threading to dramatically increase output.

The main benefit of these developments is that users can prepare data in the foreground while calculating toolpaths in the background. This eliminates the need for the user to wait for each calculation to be completed before he can start preparing the next operation. Similarly, the user can be setting the parameters needed to machine one area of a part, while toolpaths are being calculated in the background for machining a second area with a different strategy.

Productivity is also increased because the computer can continue with a series of calculations during the user’s breaks or even overnight. Calculations can be “queued” (lined up) by the operator and the software will automatically start the next operation as soon as each toolpath is generated. This approach can be used with single core equipment but the benefits are even greater with computers having two or more cores.

The multi-threading capabilities allow individual calculations to be divided between the cores in a multi-core machine. This improves calculation times significantly so increasing user productivity, reducing any down-time where machine tools are waiting for NC data and minimizing lead times (an average around 25%) on a dual-core PC.

Other specific enhancements within PowerMILL include improvements to workplane and block definition, easier editing of toolpath start points and further development of the Tooling Database. FeaturCAM 2010 features faster 3D and machine simulation, dual simulation view, improved pattern tree structure and improved definitions for turning and milling feeds.

The most important development in PartMaker 2010 is the ability to import PowerMILL strategies for highly-sophisticated 3-axis and complex 5-axis machining, including blade and blisk machining, directly into PartMaker. They can then be manipulated and synchronized on PartMaker’s Process Table, and then simulated and post processed directly from the PartMaker working environment. This integrated solution of two market leading technologies assures users they will never be limited in their ability to program and optimize parts in the most efficient and powerful way possible.

In addition, PartMaker Version 2010 includes an improved facility for automating the programming and simulation of thread whirling, a programming technique often used in the programming of “bone screw” threads as well as other specialty threads commonly found on surgical implants. Other productivity enhancements include enhanced grooving functionality, powerful and flexible threading capability, improved solids-based programming and additional CAD functionality.

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