Delcam’s PartMaker Inc. to Host Monthly Webinar Series on Medical Device Manufacturing

Fort Washington, PA – Starting in March 2011, PartMaker Inc., a division of Delcam Plc, will launch a new, monthly webinar series for manufacturing professionals focusing on the optimal manufacturing and CNC programming techniques for a variety of common families of medical devices.  Each webinar will focus on the manufacture of a particular implantable medical device and cover such issues as part application, machine tool selection, tooling options and CNC programming considerations.  Each webinar will be conducted by a PartMaker product specialist with extensive medical device manufacturing expertise.

This new monthly webinar series will start in March 2011 and run for four consecutive months through June 2011. Each month, a new webinar focusing on a different medical device will be featured.  Specifically, the schedule will be as follows:

March 25, 2011: Angulated Abutment Manufacture

April 29, 2011: Bone Screw Manufacture

May 27, 2011: Spinal Plate Manufacture

June 24, 2011: Spinal Hook Manufacture

Each webinar will take place on the last Friday of the month at 1 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST) and be approximately 1 hour in duration.  You can see a complete description of these webinars at

These webinars are all free of cost and available to both existing PartMaker users and prospective users alike.

“Manufacturing options available to companies making medical devices are changing rapidly,” says Delcam’s PartMaker Inc. Division President Hanan Fishman. “The machine tool, cutting tool and CNC programming techniques available in the market today to make medical devices has changed immensely in the past 24 months. The idea of this webinar series is explain what these changes are and how firms that are either making medical devices currently or are considering doing so need to apply the latest in advanced manufacturing to manufacture medical devices productively and profitably given the dynamics of their business.”

More on PartMaker
PartMaker is a Knowledge Based Machining system, allowing it to provide a substantial gain in programming efficiency by remembering the tools, material and process information necessary to machine individual part features.  It thus relieves the user from reentering the same features information for subsequent parts.  It also improves productivity by placing the emphasis on tool management functions.

PartMaker pioneered the field of CAM software for Turn-Mills and Swiss-type lathes with its patented Visual Programming Approach for programming multi-axis lathes with live tooling. It assures quicker learning and easier use. It makes an extensive use of pictures to help the user describe tools, part features and machining data.  Synchronization of tools working on multiple spindles is achieved by a few mouse clicks.

PartMaker Inc. is a subsidiary of Delcam Plc, the world’s leading developer and supplier of complete CAD/CAM software solutions.  Delcam Plc is publicly traded on the AIM exchange in London.  While PartMaker is sold direct in North America by PartMaker Inc. PartMaker is sold overseas through a network of sales partner offices operating in over 120 countries.

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