Delmar Cengage Learning Photography Contest

NIMS’ publishing partner, Delmar Cengage Learning, is looking for a visually exciting image to use as the centerpiece of the cover for Precision Machining Technology, our soon-to-be-published machining fundamentals text.

Here’s what they’re looking for:

  • A colorful digital photo showing a close-up of a machining operation
  • Ideally, the machining operation will fall within the scope of the text’s contents (see list of sections below)
  • The image provided should be high-resolution, at least 1800 x 1200 pixels (6″ x 4″ at 300 DPI)
  • The image must be accompanied by a short caption (5 – 15 words) identifying the operation and explaining its significance


  1. One image per entrant – pick your best shot!
  2. Images submitted must be the property of the entrant

Entries should be sent by email to not later than midnight, June 4, 2010. Include your mailing address and home telephone number.

The winning image will be licensed for use on the cover of the text, which will be unveiled at SkillsUSA’s national conference, starting on June 21, 2010. The winner will receive a check for $500 and a credit line in the text, along with the thanks of the authors, the publisher and NIMS.

Section I – Introduction to Machining
Section II – Measurement, Materials and Safety
Section III – Job Planning, Benchwork and Layout
Section IV – Turning
Section V- Drill Press
Section VI – Milling
Section VII – Grinding
Section VIII – Computer Numerical Control (CNC)
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