Doosan Debuts a Multi-Level Rotary Pallet System for NHP Series

Pine Brook, NJ – November 10, 2020 – Doosan Machine Tools introduces a multi-level RPS (Rotary Pallet System) for its popular NHP Series horizontal machining centers, specifically the NHP 4000 and NHP 5000. This RPS system fits into the product line between the sophisticated Linear Pallet System (LPS) at the higher end of the automation spectrum and the single-level RPS, which is cost effective, but cannot be expanded if growth demands it.

The multi-level RPS holds up to 21 pallets (3 layers of 7 pallets) vertically, which saves on floor space. The new configuration will be attractive to job shops that need to add capacity to their machine or require an affordable, more compact pallet system to consolidate fixtures that may be feeding their horizontal machining centers. With JIT scheduling, job shops that cater to multiple industries (where tasks may change from month to month) can benefit from the RPS by cutting down on setup time.

The RPS is equipped with a user-friendly HMI screen located at the setup station that communicates with the CNC that operates the horizontal machining center. The main CNC also stores all the programs and tool data.

The high throughput NHP series and the multi-level RPS are the perfect combination for maximum productivity. The NHP series was designed to provide great thermal stability and vibration dampening strength, higher acceleration and deceleration, and quick chip evacuation, all of which are vital for smooth, seamless operation. 

The center trough chip evacuation on the NHP series allows chips to fall directly underneath the spindle, letting gravity do the work. Accumulation of chips inside the work envelope of a machine can be the cause of many mechanical failures and alarms, negating the value of the RPS. Maximum ceiling shower coolant and bed flush coolant allow chips to gather in the trough and then into the lift-up chip conveyor for proper disposal.

Another benefit to the matchup is the modular approach used in the NHP series, allowing expansion of the tool magazine from the standard 60 all the way up to a 275-tool matrix. This means an operator can load enough tools to machine all the pallets stored on the RPS.

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