Pine Brook, NJ – Doosan Infracore has recently completed its move to a large, modern. headquarters building in Pine Brook, NJ. According to Jim Shiner, the company’s director of sales and marketing, “we simply needed more space.”

Shiner goes on to explain that, during the past few years and in spite of a weak economy, Doosan has continued to grow at a rapid pace, and “in growing, we needed more people to let us continue providing prompt and efficient customer service, and more people means more space.”

A key move for the company was to fully integrate its replacement parts warehouse and service functions, “Bringing them all together in the same building,” Shiner continues, “will make available a large range of parts for same-day or next-day shipping.”

Also expanded are the company’s display room and systems development operation. More systems engineers with access to more equipment “enable us to design and test systems and machine configurations to help our customers reduce cycle times while meeting demanding specifications.”

The new headquarters will also house a larger, fully equipped spindle rebuild department, and a telephone center for 24/7 technical service. Multiple conference centers and training facilities are available to keep the company’s engineers, as well as its distributors’ and customers’ personnel apprised of the latest advances in machine tool technology.

Doosan headquarters Pine Brook, NJ

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