Ecoclean at PMTS 2019

Solutions optimally adapted to the challenges in precision parts cleaning

(Southfield, Michigan) In precision machining, parts cleaning is a decisive manufacturing step for the quality and functionality of components. At PMTS 2019, Ecoclean Inc. (booth 7061) will discuss developments in its product portfolio that help in achieving cleanliness requirements quickly, reliably and economically. In addition to a broad range of solutions, from which some can be seen live, a presentation from Ecoclean at the Parts Cleaning Conference will discuss the influence and future of Industry 4.0 and
Digitalization in industrial parts cleaning.

The requirements for component cleanliness are decisive factors in the selection or optimization of a cleaning process for machined parts that must operate perfectly as a finished product, or be prepared for subsequent production steps, e.g. heat treatment, welding, adhesive bonding, sealing, coating, as well as assembly. The size and geometry of the components, materials, type and amount of contamination, throughput, the required flexibility and any automation / manufacturing integration also play an important role. This results in different demands on cleaning systems and processes. At PMTS in Cleveland (OH), which will take place from April 2 –
4, 2019, Ecoclean will be presenting a future-oriented range of solutions. They are designed to provide the required cleaning quality in a stable and sustainable manner, with minimal cost per cleaned part.

The standard in solvent-based cleaning

With the EcoCcore, Ecoclean will showcase a cleaning machine, which sets standards in solvent-based cleaning. The fully enclosed system is designed to for the efficient cleaning of large quantities of parts to meet tight cleanliness specifications. It works either with non-halogenated hydrocarbons or modified alcohols. The base EcoCcore system owes its performance to a feature packed standard equipment list which comprises, e.g., two flooding tanks, heat recovery, full-flow and bypass filtration, plus assorted details minimizing non-productive cycle times. In addition, the machine cuts per-unit costs due to its high throughput while achieving
a superior cleaning quality at the same time. This high quality is attained, among other factors, by an innovative preliminary steam degreasing technology wherein the oil-containing solvent, contrary to common practice, does not end up in the flooding tank but is directed straight into the distillation unit. The steam pre-degreasing step also provides advantages where high oil input rates are encountered and in cases where the second flooding tank is used for a corrosion protection treatment. For applications in which coarse and fine cleaning as well as corrosion protection is required, it can be equipped with a third flooding tank. The optional automatic loading unit enables fully automated cleaning processes. For the ultra-fine degreasing treatment that commonly follows wet chemical cleaning with a solvent or aqueous medium, Ecoclean offers an innovative plasma solution. It permits an additional low-pressure plasma cleaning step to be performed in the cleaning chamber of the wet cleaning system, e.g. EcoCcore. By means of this combined cleaning cycle, the free surface energy that is key to optimum adhesive strength can be raised to 50 to 80 mN/m in virtually one single process.

Optimally adapted water-based cleaning

Information will also be provided on solutions for water-based cleaning. In these fields Ecoclean provides different cleaning machines that meet various requirements regarding part geometry and size, throughput and cleanliness. When it comes to fine and ultrafine cleaning, e.g. in machine tool production, precision mechanics, medical engineering and the optical industry, the ultrasonic cleaning systems made by UCM, a member company of the SBS Ecoclean Group, shine with many advantages at both the machine and
process technology levels.

Presentation on Industry 4.0 and Digitalization in industrial parts cleaning

Sandro Siminovich, Director of Sales at Ecoclean Inc, will make a presentation talking about “The influence and future of Industry 4.0 and Digitalization in industrial parts cleaning” at the Parts Cleaning Conference, providing an even deeper insight on future trends of parts cleaning. The presentation will discuss how new technologies and approaches such as Smart Manufacturing, Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0 could affect industrial parts cleaning equipment and impact plant productivity. Attendees will leave with a thorough understanding of possible solutions, trends, capabilities advantages and pitfalls of remote connectivity and diagnostics of industrial cleaning systems. Sandro will speak on Thursday, April 4th, at 9.00 am.

Ecoclean, Inc. is located in Southfield, Michigan, and employs just over 50 staff members. Besides sales, service and spare parts departments, the company manufactures many machines locally, including the EcoCcore presented at PMTS. This yields an improved local support for customers and an increase of local knowledge. Customers have easy access to the production facility to check progress of machine build and runoff their equipment prior to delivery. In addition, a local build machine reduces the influence
of foreign trade policies in end price to the customer. Ecoclean has a Showroom and Test Center in Southfield that is equipped with different machines capable of performing tests with different cleaning media, deburring, hot air and vacuum drying. Customers are always welcome to visit and bring their parts to see the results simulating real production conditions. The on-site laboratory will be able to evaluate contamination and residual analysis to make sure the process meets customer demands.

Ecoclean Inc. at PMTS: Booth 7061

Contact: Ecoclean Inc., Sandro Siminovich, Phone +1 (0) 248 450 2000,
26801 Northwestern Highway, Southfield, MI 48033, USA,

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