HOFFMAN ESTATES, IL – (August 26, 2010) FANUC CNC America recently reached the milestone of manufacturing over 10 million servo motors with 40,000 large servo motors from 100Nm to 3000Nm continuous torque.

At FABTECH, FANUC CNC America will be demonstrating a stamping press simulation utilizing a main ram controlled by a FANUC large servo motor and an additional servo controlled die cushion. This configuration optimizes the advantages of a servo controlled press.

In metal forming and injection molding, servo systems are being utilized as a replacement to hydraulic actuators or a constant speed motor with flywheel. The machines that see benefits to large AC servo motors are those that require higher precision or flexibility. A large servo system improves productivity and provides a rapid ROI when compared to hydraulic or flywheel based machines.

General benefits to a synchronous servo solution:

  • Controllability – Using advanced digital drives makes a high degree of controllability possible.
  • Reliability – No brushes, servo values, etc., to fail.
  • Long Life – Only the bearing life limits the overall lifespan.
  • Higher RPM – Using a PWM drive makes higher speeds possible.
  • Accuracy – Fully closed loop systems. FANUC large servo motors come standard with a 1 million PPR encoder with a 16 million PPR option.
  • Acceleration – The rotor can be lower weight and utilize rare earth magnets easily lowering inertia and increasing torque. These factors allow these motors to accelerate rapidly.
  • Energy Savings – Power line regeneration during deceleration saves up to 50% over a hydraulic or standard electric system.
  • Environmental Concerns – Noise, oil use and shop air are all reduced.
  • Safety – The control system can utilize redundant monitoring of critical components needed to be compliant with machine safety requirements.
  • Maintenance – The control system contains many diagnostics and messages reducing the mean time to repair.

FANUC CNC America offers servo motors up to 530KW peak power output. Up to 4 drives can be used to control one motor and up to 8 motors can be driven in tandem to provide large design flexibility and output power that can control the very large stamping presses. All our motors use digital drives, are PWM controlled and all the large motors use power line regeneration for lower cost of operation.

FANUC servo technology has won awards for its technology and energy savings abilities.

As a subsidiary of FANUC LTD., FANUC CNC America is the exclusive provider of industry leading FANUC CNC systems and solutions in the Americas. FANUC CNC America provides a one-stop shop for comprehensive CNC solutions including industry-leading control systems, a complete range of reliable drives and motors and turn-key CO² laser solutions. FANUC CNC America also offers world-class engineering support, genuine FANUC parts, repair and factory automation solutions and training programs.

For more information, visit us at FABTECH, Booth #2353 or contact FANUC CNC America, 1800 Lakewood Blvd., Hoffman Estates, IL 60192, phone: 1-888 FANUC US (888-326-8287), e-mail:, website:

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