Fiberguide’s Multimode Fibers Provide Accurate High Power Laser Delivery

Lightweight and flexible optical fibers eliminate heavy articulated arms

Stirling, N.J. (January 11, 2010) – Delivery of high power laser light in scientific, military, and industrial/ commercial applications normally requires bulky, inconvenient and often heavy articulated arms. For a more efficient approach to laser delivery, Fiberguide Industries offers its multimode, step-index optical fibers.

Fiberguide’s multimode fibers are a simple way to accurately deliver high power laser beams. They feature an air-gap design, where the fiber extends into free space. This provides an epoxy-free region where thermal energy can be safely dissipated without burning the surrounding material, a common cause of failure in standard connectors. To maximize power handling and beam uniformity, fiber end surfaces are cleaved and then laser polished to eliminate contaminants, scratches, chips and pits.

Standard core diameters of 100µ, 200µ, 300µ, 400µ, 600µ, 1000µ and 1500µ are available, with non standard diameters available upon request. To aid in the correct fiber diameter selection for each particular application, Fiberguide’s new data sheets provide updated technical information.

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