Four Reasons to Implement Industrial Gearboxes in Your Operations

Industrial gearboxes play a crucial part in maximizing operational efficiency and reducing operational costs in many industries around the world. The importance of industrial gearboxes should never be overlooked as they offer increased output, decrease costs, and minimize factory operation’s environmental footprint. 

Modern gearbox engineering and technology has enabled industrial gearbox suppliers to manufacture, maintain, service, and reverse engineer parts to increase output and maximize energy efficiency. In this article, we share 4 reasons why you consider implementing industrial gearboxes into your operations.

Increased Output

Well-integrated and advanced industrial gearboxes speed up work and maximize production efficiency. In industries such as manufacturing, food and beverage production, automotive, and agriculture, durable gearboxes are often the backbone that supports the automation of tasks. 

Efficiently Manipulate Torque

Never underestimate the power of torque. Modern gearboxes increase torque while reducing the prime mover’s output shaft speed. This results in the gearbox’s output shaft rotating at a slower rate than the input shaft.  This speed reduction creates a mechanical advantage, as the gearbox multiplies the torque from the motor by an amount proportional to the gear ratio and the efficiency of the gearbox. Gearboxes such as bevel and helical models are used to increase torque in machines and reduce speed and are often used in high torque situations like cement processing.

Benefits to the Environment

Over the last decade, environmentally conscious manufacturing (ECM) has become an important consideration for most manufacturing organizations. The global awareness of environmental risks and the need to compete through efficiency, manufacturing operations adopting industrial gearboxes are developing into a standard of environmental consciousness.

Various environmental-friendly strategies and techniques allow businesses to become more eco-efficient pushing industrial gearboxes to the forefront of innovation. Using industrial gearboxes is an excellent strategy to increase profits while reducing environmental footprint.

Cost Saving

Energy costs and downtimes are reduced as more companies switch to industrial gearboxes. The efficiency and reliability they provide offers immediate benefits to applications as they multiply torque, match inertia, and reduce speed. 

The standard of gearbox and industrial pump repairs have increased tremendously over the years. Repairing and exchanging instead of replacing is arguably one of the most cost-effective ways to keep the production line and operations going. 

How To Implement Industrial Gearboxes in Your Business

Gearboxes are progressively becoming more essential year- over-year. Wherever power transfer is required, whether it be in automobiles, airplanes, helicopters, marine vessels, wind turbines, or any other application, the industrial gearbox provides a solution to improve efficiency. The businesses taking advantage of the use of industrial gearboxes are benefiting from reduced costs, increased efficiency, torque multiplication, and reduced environmental footprints.

If your businesses is already taking advantage of industrial gearboxes within your operations, the professionals at Houston Pump and Gear can help you pinpoint if your gearbox needs to be inspected, remanufactured, repaired, or overhauled. They also offer an exchange gearbox program in which they will offer a rebuilt unit at a discounted rate in exchange for your used or inoperable gearbox. Whatever gearbox repair services you may need, working with an experienced pump repair team will get your industrial equipment back to like-new condition and up to OEM spec, tolerance, and size.

Author: Lorain Wilson is the Content Marketing Specialist at Houston Pump and Gear — home to North America’s most reliable industrial gearbox and pump repair. Whatever the brand, issue, or timeline, the Houston Pump and Gear team of certified engineers is standing by to offer a free quote and durable solution.  

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