From Concept to Manufacturing, Link Is the Solution 

Denver, CO (August 7, 2019) — Denver-based company, Link has been helping companies with product development since 2007.  Founder Marc Hanchak formed Link after seeing a gap in the services that product development companies were offering in Colorado.

“At that time, there were plenty of engineering consulting firms, and several industrial design companies, but no one that offered a complete solution covering all aspects of product design from concept to manufacturing,” Said Founder Marc Hanchak.

That’s what Link does… they help their clients at every stage along the process: from concept ideation, to intellectual property and marketing, business plan and cost forecasting, industrial design, engineering, prototyping, and manufacturing.

“I feel it’s our responsibility as a product development consultant to be educators in the community. We give hundreds of hours of free advice to startups, and several of us teach at universities around town. We also participate in small business events, pitch competitions, and student design competitions,” added Hanchak.

Link works across many different industries from medical devices and children’s toys to the outdoor and consumer product industries. Link provides creative design solutions to problems others don’t see as easily because they are narrowly focused in one industry.

Recently, Link was brought in by Denver-based Guerilla Gravity for their newest mountain bike design.

“Working with Link brought a new level of creativity to Guerrilla Gravity and the bikes we manufacture. Working with a company right around the corner allowed us to be more innovative and iterate quickly. As a critical team member, they created a stunning concept that accommodates our unique manufacturing method, which is the first of its kind in our industry. Truly made in Colorado, from sketch to final product,” responded Will Montague, President and Co-Founder of Guerilla Gravity.

Link prides themselves on having a really cool place to work, creative environment that is constantly changing, not to mention employees have off every Friday.

Their studio in Denver has the full prototyping capability from 3D printers to CNC machinery, laser cutters, welding equipment and casting capabilities, all of which speed up the product development process.

The push to make things locally is ever increasing and companies are looking to work with local manufacturers and you can truly say with LINK that your product has been designed and made in Colorado.

“We love all things local and being a part of the resurgence of making it here in Colorado and avoiding the overseas process,” added Hanchak.

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