Haizol, the job shop of the future

Changing buyer demands have led to a changing supply chain, with a firm focus on customer demand. 

What does the job shop of the future look like? Digitalization and the increased demand for an on-demand one click service for custom manufacturing bring online platforms and marketplaces to the forefront of the industry. 

What comes with this? Firstly, it will centre on transparency. The increase in consumer knowledge worldwide through the internet and more readily accessible information forms has meant that the more people know, the more they want to know. Today’s supply chain and manufacturing industry in general is feeling the effects of this increased consumer knowledge. As a result, these platforms are built with transparency, with a clear order system where projects can be tracked in real time. 

Buyers are looking for more transparency when purchasing, they favour an easily accessible and transparent ordering system where orders can be tracked from start to finish. Supply chain visibility will improve a chance of a buyer purchasing and re-purchasing. Haizol integrates data into their supply chain, and utilizes visibility tools such as integrating digital connections between people, machines, and facilities. This has enabled data to be captured by these connections, together with sophisticated analysis and real-time responses which improve visibility. This ultimately results in a more agile supply chain which can manage demands of made to order projects. 

Currently, the job shop thriving today is one that can move between products with speed and efficiency without incurring big delays and cost drawbacks. The drive to achieve shorter lead times, and from small or almost no queues – aiming for almost immediate production, and quick recognition and correction of defects, is what todays buyer is looking for. 

About Haizol

HAIZOL is China’s leading professional online sourcing service platform for OEM, custom parts and components in Asia. Haizol assists small and medium sized manufacturing enterprises in the procurement of resources, meeting output quotas, and manufacturing of traditional parts and component. 

Our One-stop sourcing & solutions platform offers buyers a complete service from start to finish. From your requirements, we locate the best suppliers, then take care of the whole process from the initial order, to quality and inspection, and shipment.

Our instant quoting technology and extensive network of suppliers has revolutionized the custom manufacturing industry. You can get a quote for your parts in under a minute, giving you on demand access to high quality low cost manufacturing. Whether you are a start-up or a large company, you are able to simply upload your 2D or 3D drawings or picture, to receive a quote for manufacturing immediately.

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