Hardinge Congratulates Morris Group, Inc. on its 70th Anniversary

ELMIRA, NY USA: On May 4th, the world wide employees of Hardinge Inc. (www.hardinge.com) presented to Lee Morris and Morris Group, Inc. a Bridgeport Knee Mill. The Knee Mill serves as a token of the respect and admiration for all that Morris Group, Inc. companies have accomplished over the last 70 years.

Hardinge is proud to be part of the history of Morris Group, Inc., beginning with Robert E. Morris who, in 1935, came to Hardinge Brothers, Inc. in Elmira, New York for the start of his machine tool training. In 1941, Bob Morris founded The Robert E. Morris Company and represented the Bridgeport product line for many years. Today, our companies’ histories intertwine once again with The Robert E. Morris Company and its sister companies within the Morris Group, Inc. network serving as distributors of all Hardinge Group machine tools, including Hardinge, Bridgeport, Kellenberger, Tschudin, Jones & Shipman brands.

“We are pleased that our growing relationship with Morris has been beneficial for both of our companies.” said Rick Simons, President and CEO of Hardinge Inc. “Their reputation as capable, comprehensive and a professional organization has made for a perfect fit with Hardinge.”

About Hardinge Inc.
Hardinge is a global designer, manufacturer and distributor of machine tools, specializing in SUPER PRECISION(TM) and precision CNC Lathes, high performance Machining Centers, high-end cylindrical and jig Grinding Machines, and technologically advanced Workholding & Rotary Products. The Company’s products are distributed to most of the industrialized markets around the world with approximately 69% of the 2008 sales outside of North America. Hardinge has a very diverse international customer base and serves a wide variety of end-user markets. This customer base includes metalworking manufacturers which make parts for a variety of industries, as well as a wide range of end users in the aerospace, agricultural, transportation, basic consumer goods, communications and electronics, construction, defense, energy, pharmaceutical and medical equipment, and recreation industries, among others.. The Company has manufacturing operations in the United States, Switzerland, Taiwan, and China. Hardinge’s common stock trades on NASDAQ Global Select Market under the symbol, “HDNG.” For more information, please visit http://www.hardinge.com

About Morris Group, Inc.
Morris Group, Inc. (www.morrisgroupinc.com) is a privately held company which owns and operates fourteen divisions that supply high performance manufacturing technology and related engineering and support services to manufacturers throughout the Eastern half of the United States.

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