Hydromat-RE and Component Bar Products’ Rebuild Division Merge to Create Expanded Hydromat Legacy Machine Service, Rebuild, and Parts Company

ST. LOUIS, MO – On September 23rd, 2019, the owners of Hydromat-RE and Component Bar Products signed an agreement to combine their respective Hydromat machine rebuild businesses into one entity. Going forward this new venture will be known as Hydromat-RE.

The merger of these two companies results in an expanded base of knowledge, a larger stock of new and refurbished parts & machines, as well as multiple locations to better serve customers’ needs. Hydromat Inc. and Hydromat-RE are now uniquely positioned to support all aspects of the Hydromat machine life cycle; from new state of the art technology with the EPIC and Eclipse brands, to any and all refurbishment, retool or rebuild of all legacy and early CNC variants. Hydromat Inc. now offers both the new EPIC II platform, and EPIC HF platform featuring Fanuc Controls. Hydromat-RE will add EPIC CNC controlled units to Legacy machines.

This new, larger company will specialize in the refurbishing, re-tooling, and selling of Legacy type Hydromat rotary transfer machines. “This merger will make Hydromat-RE stronger and more innovative than ever and better able to meet the requirements of our Legacy machine customers,” commented Bruno Schmitter, CEO & COO of Hydromat Inc., “We are very excited about this partnership.”

Going forward, both Hydromat-RE and Component Bar Products will contribute intellectual property, research & development assets, engineering capabilities, machine and parts stock, and other resources to the merger creating the potential for expanded growth.

“Hydromat-RE should be a very strong enterprise moving forward. Both Hydromat RE and Component Bar Products have reputations for investing in modern technologies and building great machines. As one entity, it is guaranteed to have a very bright future in the area of Legacy style Hydromat machine services,” says Matthias Walter, President, Hydromat Inc.

Hydromat-RE will continue to provide everything from used or reconditioned parts, all equipment needed for a customer’s re-tool project, and full rebuild turnkey machines for specific projects. Brokering of used machine sales will also be a service Hydromat-RE staff members will offer. “With a huge amount of the on-hand parts stock combined with this talent pool at new Hydromat-RE, we will give our customers a shorter lead time on both machine rebuilds, service, and part deliveries,” said Darrel Keesling, Owner, Component Bar Products.

Mark Fordyce, Vice President, Hydromat-RE, who has 38 years of Hydromat engineering and remanufacturing experience, will lead the newly organized Hydromat-RE team from the O’Fallon, Missouri facility.  Mark served 6 years in precision parts manufacturing on Hydromat machines, then 18-1/2 years with Hydromat Inc., and the past 13-1/2 years with Component Bar Products.

Hydromat Inc. celebrates their 40th Anniversary during their Oktoberfest event, October 14th – 18th, 2019. Those within the precision parts industry are invited to attend and are urged to meet with Mark Fordyce or Russ Diemer, Director of Technical Services, Hydromat-RE, to discuss the company’s capabilities or any upcoming projects.

Hydromat-RE will be the only Hydromat Legacy rebuilder in the marketplace with direct access to Hydromat OEM parts and technical support from the team based in St. Louis. Willie Eichele, a member of the ownership team of Hydromat-RE noted, “Our goal is to assist our customers in reaching their production goals with cost-effective solutions that adhere to the same level of quality and precision associated with the Hydromat Legacy brand.”

About Component Bar Products

Component Bar Products, located in O’Fallon, Missouri, is an ISO 9001:2015 certified contract manufacturer of precision machined parts for the automotive, defense, electrical, fluid power, and other industries.  Founded in 1989 the company has grown from 2 to 59 Hydromat machines producing high/low volume, tight tolerance production work in their 70,000 square foot state-of-the-art production facility.

In 2010, Component Bar Products created their rebuilding and aftermarket parts business for users of Legacy Hydromat machines. They have provided an excellent facility for rebuilding and servicing Hydromat Legacy machines. Their services include low-cost solutions for rebuilding and/or refurbishing of entire machines, as well as flanges, units, valves, tool holders, and more

About Ultra Tech and Hydromat-RE:

Ultra Tech Machinery was formed in 1986 to design and build production machines and automation solutions. To meet the needs of manufacturers, the products and services grew to include machine tool rebuilds/remanufacturing, special purpose machines and turnkey manufacturing solutions. Dedicated to solving manufacturing roadblocks, Ultra Tech Machinery collectively works with customers to engineer value-driven solutions. Currently Ultra Tech is undertaking an expansion of rebuilding other brands of rotary transfer machines besides Hydromat machines, as well as rebuilding and upgrading automation systems.

Since 1985, The Motch & Eichele Company has provided manufacturing solutions to companies in Ohio and the surrounding states. They are a full-service machine tool distributor offering manufacturing solutions and turn-key services. Motch and Eichele has been selling and servicing Hydromat machines in their region for 33 years.

On February 2, 2009, The Motch and Eichele Company joined forces with Ultra Tech Machinery, Inc. This partnership offers customers a one-stop shop for standard and special machines, turnkey solutions, automation, and the rebuilding of all types of machine tools and transfer machines.

Hydromat RE was founded in 2017 as a partnership between Hydromat Inc., St. Louis, Missouri and UltraTech Machinery located in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. This company specializes in the refurbishing, re-tooling, and selling of Legacy Hydromat Rotary Transfer machines.  Legacy style machines are the original hydraulically controlled machines that Hydromat Inc. started to import into the United States during the 1970s.

About Hydromat Inc.:

Hydromat Inc. is the industry leader in the Americas for the design and manufacture of precision rotary transfer machines and mill/turn centers for the precision metal cutting marketplace. Their technology line-up includes: the EPIC II & EPIC HF Rotary, Inline, and Trunnion models, as well as the revolutionary multi-station ICON 6-250, 6-150, and 8-150 Mill/Turn Productivity Centers.  In 2018, they introduced the new Eclipse rotary transfer platform for larger applications. In 2019, Hydromat celebrates their 40th anniversary during their Oktoberfest event, Oct. 14-18.

For four decades, Hydromat has had a reputation built on a commitment to product quality, customer service, and technological innovation that provides the correct productivity solution for their customers. Inside Hydromat’s North American headquarters are 175,000 square feet of vertically-integrated manufacturing expertise, along with our dedicated workforce, ready to take production throughput to unheard of numbers. Hydromat’s on-site capabilities range from design and engineering excellence to the machining and fabrication of the parts and tooling made from the finest materials that make up the final product.


Sales Contact:

Mark Fordyce, Vice President
Phone: 330-564-8860

Email: mfordyce@hydromat-re.com

For more information, visit our website: www.hydromat-re.com

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