Hydromat Shows Updated Features on EPIC R/T 45-12 Rotary Transfer Machine at IMTS 2014 in Booth # S-8348

ST. LOUIS, MO – The Hydromat EPIC R/T 45-12 is a collet style rotary transfer machine for precision metal cutting of stock sizes up to 1.75 inch round, 1.5 inch hex and 1.25 inch square and a length up to 6 inches. This machine utilizes 12 horizontal tool spindles and has the capacity of up to 6 vertical tool spindles, featuring up to 18 tools in the cut at once.  It also has the rigidity to handle all components and all material types within its work envelope. Hydromat’s non-rotating bar stock design provides quiet, vibration free operation.

All Hydromat Rotary Transfer machines are built as modular systems consisting of horizontal and vertical tool spindles rigidly mounted around a cast base with high-precision machining of all critical surfaces. This arrangement provides tremendous versatility and flexibility in a turnkey machining system. This current version of the EPIC R/T 45-12 machine features the new Bar Change Stop, an automatic hard stop built into the bar feeder that further refines bar position by giving accurate position reference for the end of the new bar. It then begins the countdown for the remnant based on a known and fixed distance.

Hydromat’s updated two axis programmable flange offers up to +/- 30mm of extended travel for offset features, rotary O.D. and I.D. recessing, thread milling, chamfering and in-process de-burring. This innovation eliminates costly secondary operations while adding value to the manufacturing processes.

The new Overhead Cut-Off saw is now utilized on many Hydromats on short part applications, or in a chuck machine where the clearance below the blade is constrained. It also offers easier access to the saw for easier blade changes. The overhead saw configuration eliminates the possibility of chipping a saw tooth on the blade from a falling remnant during the bar change sequence.

Another Hydromat innovation has streamlined the coolant plumbing by creating a high/low coolant ring positioned above the table. This allows for unlimited options for both high and low coolant pressures where they are required most, while doing away with excess plumbing.

The EPIC R/T control gets updates for 2014 that include new programming features. While navigating from the main menu there is now an integrated Coolant Temperature Sensor read-out that gets its data from probes in the machine. This allows the operator to pre-set a certain temperature that the machine must reach before allowing it to go into automatic cycles.

The new Advanced Parts Counter screen features production status for the export breakdown of data for production count, Warm-up, Starved, Blocked, In Fault, Pending Action, and calculate Total Production Efficency.  With the optional Quality Control software system, based on an advanced product quality plan with scheduled inspection intervals, the operator sees an alarm right on the EPIC interface screen advising an inspection of the next part.  The EPIC control will search for the latest CMM report based on a time code stamp. The operator is able to see trends, and pull quality inspection reports from the interface screen, knowing when to make offsets based on the data. The QA Department can actually stop the machine from the lab if problems are detected.

The EPIC R/T 45-12 possesses the characteristics of more conventional Hydromats – maintaining the integrity, reliability and flexibility of its predecessors – while featuring the latest in CNC rotary transfer technology – Embedded Motion Control (EMC), a special plug & play control architecture embedded into each toolspindle unit, offering fully independent functionality for each axis motion. Modular tool spindle system with quick-change pre-settable heads help the EPIC R/T offer quick and easy changeovers – typically 1-3 hours. The EPIC R/T 32/45-16, as with all Hydromat machines, supports Lean Manufacturing principles and competitive manufacturing at small, medium and large production quantities.

A wide variety of rotary transfer machines offered by Hydromat give the manufacturing professional the right tool for the right job. The Hydromat machine is the solution for the elimination of secondary operations by producing parts complete from barstock, castings, forgings or cold formed blanks. The Hydromat machining platform eliminates secondary operations and reduces work in progress. Additional cost reduction occurs due to extremely short remnants and thin cutoff for significant material saving. Also increased productivity is partially due to modular tool spindle system with quick-change pre-settable tool heads for easy changeover.

Typical components ideally suited for machining on Hydromats include automotive ABS and brake systems, fuel, electrical, engine and steering components; plumbing and HVAC valve castings, faucet bodies and gas valves and connectors; hardware power tool and appliance housings; electrical wire connectors and switch bodies; defense and aerospace fuse bodies and instrument housings.

Hydromat, Inc., is the industry leader in the manufacture and assembly of precision transfer machines — Rotary, Inline, and Trunnion models, the revolutionary AT Advanced Technology machines, as well as the ICON line of mill/turn productivity centers  — and has a reputation built on a commitment to product quality, customer service and technological innovation.

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