ICON Technologies Introduces the ICON Tripod 700S Powerflex Productivity Center to North at IMTS 2012 in Booth #S- 3848

St. Louis, MO – During IMTS 2012 at Chicago’s McCormick Place in Booth #S-8348, ICON Technologies will premiere a revolution in precision metal cutting by introducing the ICON Tripod 700S Powerflex to North America. The Tripod Powerflex is a modular 6-Axis Machining Center PKM (Parallel Kinematics Machine) of advanced design for today’s marketplace.

PKM technology means that the motions in X, Y and Z are performed by three parallel axis’s that gives an outstanding stiffness and accuracy with a maintained flexibility and cutting area. It combines the flexibility and envelope of a robot but with the accuracy and stiffness of traditional Machine Tools. The Tripod Powerflex , with its capability, does not notice any differences between a perpendicular hole or surface compared to a compound angle, and is therefore very suitable for all complex machining.

The Tripod Powerflex design is capable of answering the increasing needs of industry in terms of automation, dexterity, and accuracy. The nature of its architecture tends to reduce absolute positioning and orienting errors. The Tripod’s PKM design results in high structural stiffness and the capability of performing extremely high-speed motions. The inertia of its mobile parts is reduced so it can perform these movements with higher accelerations.

The work envelope of the model 700S is 800 mm x 800 mm x 400 mm with other Tripod models;  the 300S, 500S and 900S, having smaller or larger cutting areas available. Each machine can be configured exactly as required for an application; the correct combination of tripod size, tool spindle, and tool changer. Each technology module is available in various designs with the required motor spindle for a particular set of requirements.

The Tripod Powerflex models feature 40 or 80 pocket tool changers. The rotary table is a large 800mm and features a zero point clamping system.

Productivity has always been at the core of Hydromat’s philosophy. The ICON’s machining features combined with its flexibility create a highly innovative solution to produce parts complete, with fast cycle times and a superior surface finish.

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Hydromat, Inc., is the industry leader in the manufacture and assembly of precision transfer machines — Rotary, Inline, and Trunnion models, the revolutionary AT Advanced Technology machines, as well as the ICON 6-250 Productivity Center — and has a reputation built on a commitment to product quality, customer service and technological innovation.

Visit Booth #S-8348 at IMTS to get your first look at the ICON Tripod Powerflex.

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