Join Universal Robots’ Joe Campbell for a Free Webinar June 27th: Resolving the Labor Crisis in Manufacturing

Resolving the Labor Crisis in Manufacturing

Webinar hosted June 27, 2019

12PM – 1PM ET


In this webinar, Universal Robots’ Senior Manager for the Americas, Joe Campbell will present a critical topic for all companies – the labor crisis in manufacturing.  Joe will deliver detailed background and industry statistics to define the problem, and present automation strategies and case studies that will help companies fill key gaps on the shop floor, increase production and ROI, and attract new talent to manufacturing.

This webinar will be valuable to:

  1. Managers, owners, executives struggling to fill open positions in manufacturing.
  2. Production and manufacturing managers struggling to meet customer requirements.
  3. HR representatives battling the labor shortage and hiring challenges in manufacturing.
  4. Engineers and managers trying to justify investments in automation in a demanding financial environment.

Click here to register for the webinar on the Universal Robots website. 

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