Larson Electronics’ Magnalight Introduces Powerful Strobing LED Beacon

Larson Electronics’ Magnalight has introduced a powerful strobing LED beacon that produces an exceptionally brilliant and attention getting light signal in a small and durable package. The Magnalight Generation III 10 Watt LED Strobing Beacon is a small yet very powerful LED beacon light that uses a 10 watt led to produce an exceptionally bright strobing flash that is brighter and more powerful than typical LED beacon lights.

Although one of Magnalight’s most powerful 12 volt LED beacon lights, the high intensity LED strobe light] is also very small and versatile. The entire unit measures 2.5 inches wide by 2 inches tall and only .5 inch thick. This beacon is equipped with a 10 watt LED, putting it ahead of commonly available LED beacons that contain low power 1-3 watt LEDs. The 10 watt LED is paired with a specially designed clear optical lens to generate a brilliant 360 degrees of flashing light that is visible several thousand feet farther than most other LED strobes. The cast aluminum flush mounting base offers excellent mounting versatility and ease of installation. Unlike typical beacons, this produces colored illumination without colored lenses or optics that can fade or discolor over time. This LED beacon is solid state and uses no filaments or glass in its construction, resulting in an extremely durable light that can withstand far more abuse than regular filament based beacons. The unit is waterproof and offers a wide variety of strobing flash patterns that can be set by the operator. Available in red, amber, blue or white, this LED beacon is ideal for use in the utility, construction, security, law enforcement and emergency services industries. Weatherproof and extremely versatile, this LED beacon is ideal for all commercial and where high visibility is critical.

“We have a lot of demand for small form factor, high visibility, low amp draw LED beacons for all kinds of construction equipment, boats and manufacturing plant machinery, said Rob Bresnahan with Larson Electronic’ “Inside manufacturing plants, operators are looking for small form factor LED beacons to indicate process completion. The key to this LED beacon is the low profile form factor. With a single 10 watt LED, this low profile LED beacon can be installed just about anywhere, without getting in the way of other equipment. For safety reasons, we see a lot of plants putting beacons on their forklifts to avoid collisions with other equipment and employees. It is not uncommon for the more standard beacons to get damaged in daily operation. These LED beacons are so small and compact, that it is unlikely they will get knocked off. Finally, this LED beacon is ideal for boating applications, where low amp draw and high visibility are ideal for safety. ”

Magnalight by Larson Electronics manufactures and sells a comprehensive line of colored LED lights, LED machine lights, explosion proof LED lights, LED strobes, infrared LED lights and LED equipment lights and continually expands its extensive LED light inventory. Visit to view the entire line of Magnalight LED lights or call them at 1-800-369-6671 or 1-214-616-6180 for international inquiries to discuss purchasing and special ordering requirements.

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