Manufacturers Meet with Administration’s Top Intellectual Property Official

CHICAGO, Ill., October 8, 2010 – The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) hosted U.S. Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator Victoria Espinel in Illinois today. Manufacturers talked with Espinel about the challenges of and solutions for protecting intellectual property rights. Manufacturers continue to face a growing threat of product counterfeiting and piracy around the world, especially in China. Intellectual property theft overseas continues to harm U.S. exports and negatively impact manufacturers’ ability to create jobs.

“Each day manufacturers fall victim to counterfeiting and intellectual property theft that amounts to billions in losses and costs us jobs,” said NAM Vice President of International Economic Affairs Frank Vargo. “We commend Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator Victoria Espinel for her leadership on this issue and for visiting manufacturers and listening to their many concerns about intellectual property theft.”

Manufacturers hosted Espinel at Illinois Tool Works (ITW), CNH (Case New Holland) and Superior Graphite in Illinois where she toured the manufacturing facilities and participated in roundtable discussions with manufacturers from the area. Manufacturers raised the many growing challenges product counterfeiting and piracy pose to their companies and the potential measures that can be taken to stop intellectual property theft.

“Our government’s promotion and enforcement of strong intellectual property rights protections are critical to the continued growth, competitiveness and success of manufacturing in the United States,” said ITW Vice President of Intellectual Property and NAM Intellectual Property Task Force Chairman Mark Croll. “The loss of intellectual property in other markets poses a very serious risk to U.S. export growth. We look forward to continuing to work with the Administration and Congress on solutions to combat this very serious issue for manufacturers.”

The NAM has outlined measures to address intellectual property theft and piracy in its “Blueprint to Double Exports in Five Years”. To view the NAM blueprint, visit

The NAM has also created an International Intellectual Property Task Force, comprising large and small member companies working for a more effective and aggressive U.S. approach to fighting international counterfeiting and piracy.


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