METTLER TOLEDO Introduces GWP® Risk Check for Balances and Scales

COLUMBUS, Ohio (January 12, 2010) – METTLER TOLEDO is pleased to announce the launch of GWP®
Risk Check for balances and scales. Risk Check is an interactive online assessment tool that provides both qualitative and quantitative analysis of balance performance and weighing environment. In a matter of minutes, Risk Check provides advice on optimizing quality assurance. Quality Managers gain insight on improving weighing processes to save time and money, and to reduce waste.

“Risk Check interacts with every type of balance, independent of model, type, or manufacturer,” explains Martin Huber, Ph.D., marketing manager for laboratory balances at METTLER TOLEDO. “It offers orientation in the mass of regulation guidelines.”

Risk Check helps quality managers assess the appropriateness of their weighing environment, and balance testing frequency. Then, by plugging in real-world data, quality managers discover if their “weighing risk”–the possibility that poor weighing accuracy or the environment are skewing measurements–is low, or if they need to make changes to help ensure safe, accurate and consistent results.

Finally, Risk Check provides expert advice on which adjustments will optimize balance performance and reduce the risk of inaccurate measurements. This can be critical in industries where external auditors test a company’s quality system according to set standards. “It serves as a sort of ‘mock audit’–a rehearsal for the actual audit,” explains Huber.

Risk Check analyzes weighing risks based on the international weighing guideline Good Weighing Practice™, or GWP®. The guideline is appropriate for use by quality, laboratory and manufacturing managers in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food and beverage industries, or in any industry that relies on accurate materials weighing to produce uniform results.

In order to determine the level of weighing risk in a current working environment and discover how to obtain more consistent, precise results for better quality assurance, visit and select “Risk Check.”

GWP Good Weighing Practice™


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