Mike MacArthur Selected to Lead RobbJack Corporation

Lincoln, CA – October 1st, 2021 – RobbJack, the United States leading Premium Rotary Cutting Tool company, is pleased to announce the selection of Michael MacArthur as RobbJack’s new President.

Mr. MacArthur is a 26-year veteran of RobbJack.  During his tenure as sales manager, he developed a reputation for building relationships and providing innovative solutions to meet customer challenges in the machining of myriad components for manufacturers and subcontractors alike.  Mike has a clear vision for RobbJack’s future and a unique knowledge of RobbJack and its products.

David Baker, former President and Chairman of the Board, commented, “The Board of Directors, who comprise the successor search team, believes that Mike’s vision for RobbJack, knowledge of the cutting tool industry and his ability to identify cutting tool opportunities make him the choice to provide the strongest path forward for our company.  I am confident that Mike will continue the tradition started by Bob Eitreim and Jack Petersen and encouraged by me; a responsive and innovative business supported by the highest quality products and dedicated owner-employees”.

Mike and the RobbJack team congratulate Dave for 47 years of service and wish him the best in retirement.

RobbJack and its subsidiaries Crystallume and Crystallume PVD, are in their 61st year as a manufacturer of premium rotary cutting tools, coatings, and accessories.  Founded in 1960, its acquired experience and expertise in the industry are unmatched.  RobbJack employees pride themselves, as a 100% employee-owned company, on their dedication to their products, their industry, and their fellow employees.  RobbJack will continue to be a forward-looking company, providing excellence in quality, performance, and service to all our customers.

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