New CoroMill 325 ensures faster and more accurate thread whirling

The growing use of special thread forms for medical bone screws, implants and other micro components creates an increased need for techniques that produce threads fast and at high tolerances.

On October 1st Sandvik Coromant introduces the new CoroMill 325 thread whirling inserts and holders.

Thread whirling is a fast and accurate way to thread long, slender components in difficult to machine materials. By combining the speed of thread whirling with the rigidity of a sliding head machine, complete threads are produced accurately and in a single pass, without the need for special supports.

CoroMill 325 thread whirling inserts and holders can produce a wide range of high precision screws and implants from rough stock at high speeds and fit a large number of sliding head machine types. All without the need for a dedicated thread whirling machine.

Using this technique, a number of advantages can be gained over traditional single-point threading including increased productivity , faster set up times , no extra costs for finishing treatment, superior chip control and increased tool life over conventional tools.

Sandvik Coromant
Sandvik Coromant is a world-leading supplier of cutting tools and tooling systems for the metalworking industry and is represented in 130 countries. 25 state-of-the art Productivity Centers located around the world provide customers and staff with continuous training in tooling solutions and methods to increase productivity. Sandvik Coromant is part of the Tooling business area of the Sandvik Group.

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