New High-Speed Machining Talk Show Set to Debut Online

CAVE CREEK, Ariz. – A new blog radio program called “High-Speed Machining and Milling Talk” will make its debut at 4 p.m. (EDT) and 1 p.m. (PDT) at This first program and each ensuing show also will be available at the site at any time for the convenience of listeners.

The monthly “let’s talk shop” program will cover a variety of topics surrounding the rough milling of metal. Listeners will hear from experts representing all facets of the manufacturing industry as they address the many components of shop productivity; including high feed and speed machining and the efficient and effective use of machines and cutting tools.

“High-Speed Machining and Milling Talk” is sponsored by Celeritive Technologies, Inc. and Helical Solutions. Celeritive was founded in 2007 to develop and market advanced productivity-improving CAD / CAM technologies like the ultra-high-performance toolpath engine VoluMill™, which simplifies programming and significantly increases machining productivity and tool life. Helical Solutions is a Maine-based manufacturer of high-quality, high-performance cutting tools for all segments of the manufacturing industry, specializing in quick delivery of custom tools and tools for hard-to-cut materials.

The program is hosted by Tim Keenan, president of Phoenix Communications Partners, a marketing communications company that specializes in the industrial sector.

Guests on the first edition of “High-Speed Machining and Milling Talk” will be Glenn Coleman, C-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Celeritive Technologies, and Scott Tiehen, National Sales Manager for Helical Solutions. Coleman is regarded as an industry expert in tool path science, and Tiehen is a 15-year cutting tool industry veteran.

Coleman and Tiehen will be discussing the role of two of the most crucial elements of high-speed machining – tool paths and cutting tools.

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