PartMaker Modeling 2013 Now Available

Fort Washington, PA – PartMaker Inc., a division of Delcam Plc, has released PartMaker Modeling 2013.  PartMaker Modeling is PartMaker’s 3D CAD for CAM application which provides users the ability to create 3D solid models from scratch as well as repair and modify 3D engineering data of any origin.  PartMaker Modeling is the most powerful 3D CAD system available alongside a production-oriented CAM product on the market today.  PartMaker Modeling 2013 features a host of new productivity enhancements from the previously released version, including a number of new features that make it even easier to use as well as a number of enhancements to its unique “Direct Modeling” technology.

One of the exciting new features in PartMaker Modeling 2013 is the ability to rewind the solid history tree of a model to any position using a graphical slider. Edits can then be made, either by applying the Solid Doctor to repair problematic data or by using the full range of direct modeling tools in PartMaker Modeling 2013, without losing the history of the model. Once the required edits have been completed, the rewind point can be moved or deleted; the complete solid history is then re-built automatically.

There have also been a variety of changes made to PartMaker Modeling 2013 to make it even easier to use.  For example, the command input box, is now more boldly featured in the user interface, which will make it easier for new users to come up to speed faster.  Additionally, new work planes can be more easily snapped to existing solid faces, which makes adding new solid features to “dumb” solid models even easier. A change that will also save significant amounts of time, is that clicking the right mouse button now has the same effect as pressing “Apply” or “OK” on all forms. This is particularly useful when carrying out repetitive tasks such as filleting around a complex model. The user can now select each edge to be filleted, click the right mouse button and then move on to the next edge. Similarly, a series of holes can be created more quickly just by selecting the position and clicking the button for each hole.  Additionally, the power and flexibility of both chamfering in 2D and 3D have been much improved in PartMaker Modeling 2013.

A more flexible replace-face option that now allows faces of one solid to be replaced with faces from a separate solid, and new hole types allowing faster creation of holes for standard cap-head screws and bolts. In addition, the Solid Doctor has been made more flexible with the ability to relax or tighten the linking tolerances on specific edges. This is important for subsequent modeling as tolerance issues can affect the reliability of Boolean operations.  Solid features can also now be grouped, to create more organized, easy to manage feature trees.

PartMaker Modeling also includes a powerful new ‘nesting’ functionality, for performing automatic nesting of 2D shapes.

”With greater engineering demands being placed on customers, offering PartMaker users a complete production machining engineering platform all supported by the company is paramount to allowing our customers to stay ahead,” says PartMaker Inc. division President Hanan Fishman.  “The improvements made in PartMaker Modeling 2013 will further help PartMaker users needing to work with or create 3D engineering data continue not only to survive, but thrive.”

More on PartMaker

PartMaker is a Knowledge Based Machining system, allowing it to provide a substantial gain in programming efficiency by remembering the tools, material and process information necessary to machine individual part features.  It thus relieves the user from reentering the same features information for subsequent parts.  It also improves productivity by placing the emphasis on tool management functions.

PartMaker pioneered the field of CAM software for Turn-Mills and Swiss-type lathes with its patented Visual Programming Approach for programming multi-axis lathes with live tooling. It assures quicker learning and easier use. It makes an extensive use of pictures to help the user describe tools, part features and machining data.  Synchronization of tools working on multiple spindles is achieved by a few mouse clicks.

PartMaker Inc. is a subsidiary of Delcam Plc, the world’s leading developer and supplier of complete CAD/CAM software solutions.  Delcam Plc is publicly traded on the AIM exchange in London.  In North America PartMaker is sold directly by PartMaker Inc. PartMaker is sold overseas through a network of sales partner offices operating in over 120 countries.



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