Pinpoint Laser System Introduces a new Laser Microgage 2D Display that Stores Alignment Data

Peabody, MA, January 2010: Pinpoint Laser Systems® is announcing a new storage display to be used with the Pinpoint Laser Microgage 2D family of products. This new Microgage 2D Display is fully compatible with our existing 2D measuring systems and enables the operator to record readings right on the factory floor. The measurement and alignment readings are stored in the portable Microgage 2D Display and then can be uploaded onto a laptop PC running our Pinpoint Capture software for analysis, plotting and storage. This Microgage 2D Display, along with our Microgage 2D system, can be used for machine tool alignment, roll and web alignment, bore alignment, shaft alignment and a variety of other industrial measuring applications.

The Laser Microgage 2D is a powerful measuring and alignment system built for a wide variety of industrial applications. A laser transmitter projects a compact, highly focused laser beam that is detected by a portable receiver. The receiver is connected to the Microgage 2D Display and dimensionally shows where the receiver is located relative to the laser beam. Measurements can be made over a range of 180 feet with precision of better than 0.0001 inch. Adding several attachments allows the user to measure flatness, straightness, squareness, parallelism, bore alignment, shaft alignment and many other industrial alignment parameters.

The Laser Microgage 2D is compact, easy to use and set up on the factory floor for both simple and complex measuring and alignment jobs. All Pinpoint products are designed and manufactured here in the United States at our manufacturing facility located in Peabody, Massachusetts. Along with developing new products and measuring systems, we also design custom mounts and fixture for customers.

NPR Laser microgage 2d Display

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