Planet Products Lightweight Low Profile VTL Chucks

Planet Products introduces its ProHold Series of  lightweight, low profile self centering chucks for vertical turning lathes (VTL) up to 66” in diameter. The proprietary clamping system allows the chucks to built with a low profile to increase the available machining envelope. The lighter weight allows greater table capacity for larger workpieces, and reduced rotational inertia. Options include steel or aluminum construction, individual micro-adjustable jaws, T-slots, and modular top tooling. Available in mechanical or hydraulic clamping, with 2, 3, 4, or 6 jaw configurations for all popular VTL models.

Cincinnati based Planet Products Corporation has provided innovative solutions to the machine tool industry since 1947. For more information contact Garth Dexter, General Manager, (513) 984-5544,, or

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