BRECKSVILLE, OH – The Precision Machined Products Association, (PMPA) with over 450 member companies has signed on as a sponsor of National Manufacturing Day, (MFG Day) set for October 4, 2013. As a sponsoring organization, participating PMPA member companies will open their doors and demonstrate the latest in advanced manufacturing technology and discuss the numerous career opportunities in precision machining.

“The Precision Machined Products Industry is faced with a very serious shortage of skilled labor, as the Baby Boom generation enters retirement age,” said PMPA Executive Director, Michael Kobylka. “Even with a national unemployment rate of 7.4% our member companies repeatedly tell us that they’re unable to fill high-paying positions which are needed to meet ever-increasing customer demands.”

The goal of MFG Day is to change the misperceptions of manufacturing by showing our youth, parents, educators, and the community at-large that manufacturing is alive and well. This massive nationwide effort is aimed at improving the image of manufacturing and attracting talented individuals who are looking not just for a “job” but rather a rewarding, stable and high-paying career.

“Many of our member companies are third, fourth and some cases fifth generation family owned businesses, that play a vital role in the success of their communities,” said Kobylka. “These companies not only have invested in their communities, they’re ready to invest in you if you’re willing to make manufacturing a career and have the skills, drive and determination to succeed.”

To learn more about MFG Day and scheduled open houses at companies and technical schools around the country visit and

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