PRAB Introduces Lighter-Duty Drag Conveyor for Chip Removal at CNC

PRAB now offers a lighter-duty version of its proven drag conveyor technology that easily integrates under certain types of CNC machines for removal of chips at the source.

“We’ve redesigned our drag conveyor in a low-profile format to easily integrate under machining centers,” said Mike Porter, PRAB Systems Project Engineer. “PRAB’s new lighter-duty drag conveyor is a very economic replacement alternative to factory-installed 1.5-inch pitch steel belt conveyors, which can often require frequent maintenance due to premature wear.”

The specially designed drag conveyor also features a grated end plate to allow metalworking fluid transferred from chips to exit the conveyor and collect in a liquid-tight trough.

In addition to added reliability due to less moving parts, PRAB’s drag conveyor offers zero carryover to improve productivity. PRAB can engineer and manufacture drag and other conveyors, per customer application demands.

PRAB is a leading engineer and manufacturer of conveyors and chip and fluid management systems. Its customized solutions automate metal handling, reduce labor costs, reclaim and recycle expensive cutting fluids/coolants and maximize return on recycling metals. With its expertise honed by more than 4,500 installations for the world’s leading OEMs and suppliers, PRAB continuously improves material handling, housekeeping and compliance to environmental rules and regulations within the automotive, aerospace, medical, electronics, defense, off road and energy markets.

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