Precision Machining Technology Show (PMTS) Advance News Release

February 2011 – Sunnen’s SV-1005 series vertical CNC honing system with integrated air gaging system provides closed-loop control of tool size, along with downloadable SPC data. Matched with Sunnen’s super abrasive MMT tool, the air-gage-equipped machine can automatically control hole size to accuracies of 0.25 µm (0.00001″) without operator intervention, working in a bore size range of 3‑65 mm (0.120-2.56″) diameter. It is ideal for automated, high-Cpk production of small engines, hydraulic valves/bodies, fuel injectors, gears, compressor parts, turbocharger housings and gun barrels, in medium and high volumes.

According to Sunnen, by combining the new air gaging system with the machine’s patent-pending tool-feed control, the SV-1005 eliminates the need for an experienced honing operator to tweak the process. The new air gaging system controls bore diameter and geometry by taking post-process measurements of the parts while they are still fixtured on the machine’s rotary table. Feedback from air gage provides the highest possible accuracy for tool-feed control.

The SV-1005 matches an ultra-precise tool feed system with CNC control to allow any CNC-experienced machinist to master honing quickly. Setup is simple with a 3-axis hand wheel for fine tuning the tool feed and the servo-controlled stroke system and rotary-table. The control includes several features that put honing expertise at the fingertips of novices, such as a switchable autocorrect feature for bore shape. Using measurements from the air-gage system, it allows the operator to select from a library of “problem” bore images (taper, barrel, etc.) to match to the part on the machine. The servo-controlled stroke system ensures a consistent crosshatch pattern and can dwell in any part of the bore, end-to-end, selectively removing stock for ultra-precise straightness and roundness.

The vertical design of the SV-1005 conserves shop floor space, requiring just 2400 x 2300 x 2700 mm WxDxH (95 x 91 x 107 in.). A cast polymer base and cast-iron column provide enhance vibration damping for precision honing, while removable stainless steel side doors facilitate integration with automatic part loading systems. The high-torque, belt-driven spindle is rated at 7.5 kW (10 hp) to cover a wide range of sizing and finishing work.

Sunnen's SV-1005 air-gage-equipped hone

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