QUANTALUBE® 270XL Is A Super-Lubricant Proven To Increase Productivity And Extend Tool Life

Cincinnati, Ohio—July 2012—QUANTALUBE® 270XL is a new water soluble “super-lubricant” metalworking fluid designed for heavy-duty grinding and machining operations.  Manufactured by longtime industry leader CIMCOOL Fluid Technology, QUANTALUBE 270XL’s patented Extreme Pressure lubricant package offers outstanding stock removal and, consequently, high productivity increases.

This product can be used with individual machines or central systems, and is recommended for use with carbon steels, high speed steel, cast steels, alloy steels, tool steel, and stainless steel.  A series of extreme pressure lubricants are activated at various temperatures to permit high stock removals that are not possible with conventional water-based fluids.  After making the switch to QUANTALUBE 270XL, many manufacturers have experienced dramatic productivity increases and extended tool life in traditional “heavy-duty” operations.

Like all CIMCOOL products, QUANTALUBE 270XL is available for free product trial and backed by the company’s “no-hassle” performance guarantee.  For additional information about QUANTALUBE 270XL or other CIMCOOL products, please visit our website at www.CIMCOOL.com.  CIMCOOL Fluid Technology is

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