Sandvik Coromant Releases 2010 CoroKey Cutting Tool Guide

Sandvik Coromant has released the 2010 version of its popular CoroKey guide, which helps manufacturers quickly and easily identify the first choice tool combination and appropriate cutting data for specific applications. The 216-page guide details applications and cutting tool solutions in a variety of areas, including turning, milling and drilling. It also offers practical tips and information on modular tooling and insert grades.

Updated to include some of Sandvik Coromant’s latest cutting tool innovations, the CoroKey guide is designed for production engineers, machine tool operators and anyone else who needs to quickly identify tooling and cutting data solutions. The guide now includes information on calculating important figures, such as metal removal rates for common machining operations. It also features frequently used cutting data formulas with illustrations and definitions of terms used.

The latest CoroKey guide has been updated to also include some of Sandvik Coromant’s MCT (Metal Cutting Technology) training materials, to help boost shop productivity. The guide’s design has been revamped as well, integrating a colored thumb index to make it easier to locate specific topics

Each section of the CoroKey guide begins with an overview on selection of inserts, grades and tooling for a specific type of application. This is followed by guidance on modular tooling, tool safety, maintenance and wear and troubleshooting.

The new CoroKey guide can be downloaded from the Online Catalogs page of Sandvik Coromant’s website,

CUS CoroKey 2010

CUS CoroKey 2010

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