Sapa Extrusions North America Announces 2013 Educational Seminars

Rosemont, IL—January 11, 2013 Sapa Extrusions North America, part of the world’s largest aluminum profile producer, announces its 2013 Profile Academy schedule. The goal of these events is to inspire and educate those who wish to gain a stronger understanding of aluminum, as well as share the company’s concept of AluminologyTM — the science of solving problems with extruded aluminum products.

The Sapa Profile Academy provides an overview of various opportunities with aluminum, from inception to production. These training sessions are geared toward designers and engineers, as well as plant, project, production and purchasing managers. Conducted over two days by Sapa and industry experts, these sessions help participants gain a deep understanding of the principles of aluminum, fabrication, surface treatments, welding, die design, current market application technology and more. Topics covered include: metallurgy and alloys; design and production; surface treatment and corrosion; bending and hydroforming; joining and welding and tolerances, as well as a possible tour of the local Sapa facility.

The dates and locations for the 2013 Profile Academy sessions are:

February 6-7 Atlanta, Georgia (Building & Construction focus)
March 13-14 Troy, Michigan (Transportation Focus)
May 8-9 South Bend, Indiana
July 17-18 Portland, Oregon
September 11-12 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
November 6-7 Atlanta, Georgia

To register for an event or to learn more, please visit

*Editor’s Note: Members of the media are welcome to attend any of the 2013 Profile Academy sessions. Please contact Emily Geesaman to arrange complimentary registration.


Leigh Grignon,, (503) 802-3332

About Sapa

Sapa Extrusions North America is part of the Sapa Group, the world’s largest aluminum profile producer. Sapa is represented in Europe, Asia and North America with 16 locations in the United States and Canada. Further information can be found at the newly updated website Sapa is a registered trademark of Sapa AB.

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