Skilled Material® from Boston Centerless Improves CNC Swiss Productivity

Woburn, MA – May 27, 2015 – Skilled Material bars from Boston Centerless address the challenges faced by CNC machine shops regarding the need for highly skilled operators and lowering overall cost of production. The process of CNC Swiss screw machining relies heavily on the quality of bar materials in order to run smoothly. Variations in material diameter, straightness and roundness greatly impact the success of component manufacturing.

Ever since CNC Swiss screw machines first entered the US market in the mid-1970s, Boston Centerless has been working with its customers and the machine tool builders to learn the factors associated with smooth Swiss turning applications. With 40 years of hands on experience, Boston Centerless has developed a deep understanding of how diameter, straightness and roundness tolerances can dramatically affect the effectiveness and efficiency of CNC Swiss screw machining operations. The underlying factor is that with variation in any of the dimensional variables stated above, the Swiss turning operations are inconsistent and more difficult to control. The inconsistent operation requires more human (labor) input into the process, which puts more demand on the skilled labor and increases cost associated with that labor.

The reliability and consistency of Skilled Material bars removes variation at the outset, making the process much more robust and predictable, allowing for a confident and dramatic reduction of labor input required to keep the process in control and produce good parts. In addition, total cost savings can come in the form of reduced downtime, longer tool life, faster production times and less scrap. Skilled Material allows for machines to run unattended or lights out, further reducing costs. Simply put, Skilled Material addresses the two largest issues facing manufacturers today: lack of skilled labor and pressure to reduce costs. Material integrity and traceability are always part of the Skilled Material process. Laser marking, RFX Material

Verification and UT Testing are additional capabilities offered to ensure compliance. Boston Centerless can handle all aspects of supply chain management, including inventory management programs.

About Boston Centerless:

Boston Centerless supplies customers worldwide with precision ground bar materials for close tolerance machining applications. The company also provides grinding services for customer-supplied material and components and manufactures a line of ultra-precise gages. For more information, visit or call 781-994-5000.

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