The Swiss Advantage: Sneak Preview: The New Tsugami SS26 Super Swiss Turn

The Swiss Advantage is the monthly electronic newsletter of Tsugami Rem Sales, LLC.
Rem Sales Eastec Preview - 2010

In this month’s issue of The Swiss Advantage:

  • Sneak Preview: The New Tsugami SS26 Super Swiss Turn
  • The Swiss Wizard:  400% Feedrate Increase Using TriboMAM
  • Rem Sales EASTEC 2010 Preview, Plus Tsugami Show Schedule
  • Tooling News:  Use MU / BU Tooling on BH Models
  • May, 2010 “What Is This?” Contest

In this month’s Swiss Wizard,  we show how REM Sales engineers are partnering with tooling & accessory manufacturers to maximize machine performance.

Tsugami SS26 Swiss TurnSneak Preview: New Tsugami SS26 Super Swiss Turn – Due in August 2010

Precision Tsugami Corporation and Rem Sales have just announced the release date of the newest model in the top-selling SS Swiss Turn Series, The Tsugami SS26.  Key features include:

  • 26 mm (1″)  Bar Capacity
  • Live Tools for the main and sub spindle
  • Convertible: May operate as either a Swiss or Chucker Lathe
  • Modular Tool Zone, Lightning Fast Spindle Speeds
  • Becomes the Largest Convertible Machine Tsugami offers…

What do these features mean for your business?

Scott Anthony, National Sales Manager, Rem SalesRem Sales’ Scott Anthony on the New SS26

The Swiss Advantage caught up with Rem Sales’ National Sales Manager, Scott Anthony, and asked for his opinions on the new SS26 Swiss Turn.

“Manufacturers cutting shorter parts will really appreciate the convertible feature.  It will substantially reduce bar remnants and allow more parts to be cut from each bar.  Plus, using the machine as a chucker means you can use traditional bar stock instead of pricier ground centerless stock.”

Scott also reports that the new SS26 models will arrive in August.
“Rem Sales is excited to offer our customers this very popular SS model machine in the new 1″ bar size.”

For more information on the new SS26, please contact us.

The Tribomam from M4ScienceThe Swiss Wizard: 400% Feedrate Increase Using TriboMAM

In a recent testing operation, the Swiss Wizards (REM Sales Engineers) were able to increase the cutting feedrate of a gun drill by 400%.

They used the new TriboMAM™, the latest sonic drilling CNC lathe attachment from M4Sciences. The TriboMAM is a  “drop in accessory” for Swiss-type lathes. This cool tool  works by energizing a ceramic component in the the specialized drill unit that causes it to expand and contract synchronous to the drill’s feedrate.  This “pulsing” action pulverizes the chip into a fine powder, making chip extraction much easier and eliminates the need for peck drilling.

During the testing, REM Sales engineers were able to dial up the feedrate from 0.0001″ to 0.0004″ per revolution at 9,000 RPM.  A REM Sales engineering spokesman stated that the product can be ideal for deep hole drilling in Inconnel, Hastelloy, and other difficult materials.

In addition to the increased feedrate, customers also reported longer tool life and the abilitiy to substitute less expensive drills for the specialized drills they had been using.  Customers using this product in the field have found the productivity increases to be substantial.

If you’d like to dramatically increase feedrate, decrease tool wear, and drill deep holes in difficult-to-machine materials – and all at an economic price – please contact us.

Eastec 2010 PreviewRem Sales EASTEC 2010 Preview: May 25 – 27

This year’s EASTEC Show will feature the North American introduction of the new Tsugami S205 / S206 machiines.

Like the SS series, the S series also features a modular and capable tool zone configuration.  Able to produce complex parts complete from bar stock, both models are also economically priced. Live Cutting Demos will be shown on the new machine!

You’ll find our Tsugami machines, live cutting demos, and Rem Sales staff in the The Robert E. Morris Company’s Booth (# 1305).

In addition to the S205, we will showcase a BH38 slide-turret swiss turn in live-cutting action.  This work horse machine can remove serious amounts of metal and produce finely sculpted shapes.  Whether you are looking for a new machine, or just want to see the newest technology available, you won’t want to miss Tsugami at EASTEC 2010.


Tsugami Show Schedule – May – July

Tsugami Machines on Display, 2010
Eastec May 25 – 27
Springfield, MA
Lance Company Advanced
Manufacturing Symposium

June 9th
Tampa, FL
Florida HFO Open House
June 10th Bensalem, PA
South Texas Machine Tool
& Fabrication Show

June 23, 24
Pasadena Convention Center
Houston, TX
Tsugami Technical Fair July 8, 9
Nagaoka City,
SS 20 – 32 Programming
& Operation Courses

July 12 – 14
Windsor, CT

REM Custom Tooling - MU / BU Breakthrough


That’s right – and you’ve heard it first from The Swiss AdvantageREM Custom Tooling is in the final stages of testing a conversion kit for MU / BU driven tooling.  Expected to be available soon, this new conversion kit will enable the use of MU / BU live tools on newer Tsugami BH models.  The kit will include a mounting plate for the turret and a conversion drive gear.

Want to know how it works?  Please contact us…

Super Deals on Overstocked Tsugami Tooling

Cross drills, double cross drills, face drills, polygon cutters, turning holders and adaptors, plus more.  Available at substantially reduced prices. First come, first served.  Click here to see the tools and special deals

2010 Programming / Operation Classes – Schedule NOW

2010 Programming and Operation Class Schedule S
SS 20/32 Programming and Operation July 12-14
BH 20/38 Programming and Operation October 18-20
General Tsugami Programming for All Models December 6-8

All classes will be held at our Windsor, Connecticut technical center. For more information, or to schedule a class, please email Fred Buckmann or call:  860-687-3400

What Is It - March, 2010 April Winners – Omaha Steaks Gift Package

Last month, for the early screw machine pictured here, we asked the questions ” Who Made It?  What Year?”

It is a Jones & Lamson 2 x 24 flat turret lathe, circa 1891, and made by the inventor James Hartness for J & L.

Congratulations to Rick Dubay of Midland Technologies and Michael Coito for supplying the correct answers. They will each receive an Omaha Steaks gift package.

Want another try?  See below

What Is This? March, 2010WHAT IS THIS?  May, 2010

This month, we’ll challenge your knowledge of geography and landmarks…

This Month’s Question(s): What Is This? Where Is It?

Hint: The two flags shown in the picture are American Flags.

First two correct answers, submitted via email, will be grilling some free Omaha Steaks!

NOTE: Winners must be subscribers to our newsletter – if you receive the email as a forward – it’s perfectly OK to enter the contest – you just have to subscribe to the newsletter before hand (  Employees of REM Sales, Morris Group, Inc., or any of their subsidiaries are not eligible to win…

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