GenYs Can Find Jobs at ThomasNet Career Site

Here’s the problem:

* Manufacturing is said to have between 250,000 – 600,000 good paying jobs – going begging

* Manufacturers will face an even worse situation as most of their baby boomer workforce is about to retire – a brain drain

* GenYs will be 75% of the workforce, but in manufacturing fewer than 25% are GenYs – an image problem w/manufacturing

* Under 30 college grads have BIG student debt ratios – (high unemployment and 36% live at home w/parents)

Until now there hasn’t been a single source for these under 30s to easily find a lucrative role in manufacturing and position manufacturing as a ‘kool’ place to work., a firm that despite its .com ‘handle’ has been working with US manufacturers to provide them with an edge for over a century has taken another step – launching the only dedicated manufacturing job site in the US. There are niche sites, but none that bring it all together in one meaningful place with career advice, success stories and best of all – real jobs that pay well! is putting a face on the manufacturing job problem at

To help get college grads get started there are topics such as:

* Writing an engineering resume

* Successful applicants

* Matching your skills

“Nobody gets this space the way does,” said Karen Norheim, Vice President of Marketing and IT for American Crane Equipment Corporation of Douglassville, Pennsylvania. “They understand the specialized positions that manufacturers need to fill, and the talent and skills that today’s applicants need. For example, we are always looking for people who can design a machine from beginning to end, using the latest advances in engineering. We know that engineers and designers rely on, and we are excited about our ability to reach them through the Job Board.”

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