Yeti Tool launches free online CNC Academy for the Smart Router market

Yeti Tool, the home of CNC Multitool SmartBench, has launched a free CNC Academy for Smart Router users to provide online resources and advice.

Specifically created for those who are new to CNC Routing or those who are looking to expand their working knowledge, the CNC Academy has a range of freely-accessible online courses covering everything from setting up a CNC Multitool Smart Router to creating exciting new projects.

The CNC Academy provides tutorial-style videos, combined with articles to allow visitors to learn in a way that suits them.

Yeti Tool Director and Co-Founder Andy McLaren commented:

“The decision to invest heavily into setting up and launching CNC Academy came from a genuine desire to help customers get the very best from their CNC Multitools. This is whether they are a business owner or a hobbyist.”

“CNC Academy provides a simple and easy point-of-reference online with free video tutorials and expertly-written articles to help CNC novices and experienced multitool users on their journey with CNC Routing.”

The visual and written content provided in the CNC Academy is structured in a way to get Multitool users working as quickly as possible.

Yeti Tool’s CNC Academy is a comprehensive free online resource which has been devised and developed by the Yeti Tool in-house team of CNC experts.

The resources within CNC Academy cover the following areas: 


CNC Stylus


Spindle Motors & Tooling

Having researched the market carefully and surveyed customers’ CNC requirements before launching CNC Academy, the most popular online courses are Feeds & Speeds, Hardware Troubleshooting and First set-up. 

“Over 70% of Yeti Tool’s customer base are working in the sign and display sector, so it’s important for them to be able to quickly and easily access these free resources and get their Smart Router and CNC Multitools running rapidly,” added Andy.

“The Yeti Tool CNC Academy is designed to be an invaluable online resource for CNC users who are using any multitool machine, and not just for our  SmartBench product,” he concluded.

To find out more and start utilising the free tools, videos and articles available at the CNC Academy, please visit here. (hyperlink with

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