Is It all Wagoner's Fault?

By Noah Graff

Here’s what I keep asking. You all are asking it too I’m sure. Is GM’s plight almost entirely the fault of Wagoner. Would a different person, a super genius, an extraordinary motivator make the company thrive, or would anyone have fallen victim to our awful economy?

I think that it could have been somewhat different. After all, Toyota and Honda (although they are in tough times too) are not on the brink of bankruptcy. But was Wagoner handcuffed to begin with by crappy designs, terrible UAW agreements…etc.?

Could Apple’s Steve Jobs have made GM thrive?

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2 thoughts on “Is It all Wagoner's Fault?

  1. Marty Fielder

    It’s not 1 man’s fault things are bad, the product they are offering is good.
    I recently watched “revenge of the nerds”, recommended. It is a little dated
    now, as it ends just beyond the launch of WIN95. Nonetheless, without basing
    my view of Jobs because of 1 DVD ( I read a lot), He is a tyrant to work for.
    Remember, his own company fired him! He is a showman, however, and that is 1
    that GM needs now, among many others.

  2. Lydia Monroe

    As a business owner who goes without a paycheck in slow times, it’s a shame large companies continue to pay large salaries instead of taking pay cuts until better times. As for unions who get greedy, U.S. companies are sending work out of this country for cheaper wages. As a result small comanies in this country are closing. They are the backbone of this country. Companies complain about not being able to find qualified or trained people to do the work, it’s because of the schools in this country
    who are no longer doing their job.


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