Machining Industry Scuttlebutt

By Lloyd Graff

The BNSF Railroad, Warren Buffet’s recent $27 billion acquisition, is putting 11 miles of railcars back in service after storing them for close to three years in track between Helena and Great Falls, Montana.

The railcars will be handling additional shipping containers, timber and coal.


General motors is raising domestic production, rescinding the axing of hundreds of dealers, and predicting a profit for the year. An Initial Public Offering is being considered for 2010 to begin to pay off the $50 billion Federal bailout loan.


I saw Andrew Logan of Logan Clutch who makes clutches for many markets in addition to his original aftermarket screw machine product. He says business is in a V-shaped recovery pattern. The marine market is sizzling for him and energy is picking up strong. He says the lessons learned from selling to the tight fisted screw machine guys have trained him well in the competitive clutch business. He is planning an addition to his building and is going to buy more new Mazak lathes.

I asked him if he would buy a cheap new building and he said he could pick up real estate for a song in Cleveland, yet he would rather pay more to build an addition because he could then keep a close eye on what’s going on.

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