Machining Industry Scuttlebutt

The collaboration of DMG and MORI SEIKI is moving along rapidly. They now share a magnificent showroom warehouse in Hoffman Estates, Illinois. They are sharing staff, with MORI SEIKI taking the lead on marketing in North America. The companies have taken five percent stakes in one another. MORI SEIKI’s CEO Dr. Mori is on DMG’s board and DMG’s CEO Dr. Kapitza is on MORI SEIKI’s board. The decision on whether to build machines in the U.S. is still a topic of discussion with nothing finalized.


If President Obama appoints a Catholic or Jew to the Supreme Court to replace the retiring John Paul Stevens the court will have no Protestants for the first time in its history. I find this an interesting commentary on the changing demographics of American politics. I expect to soon see three women on the court. I wonder if the appointee will dance around Roe versus Wade like the Bush appointees.


I received an e-mail from Chris James of Ryco Hydraulics from Australia, looking for a place to buy Pittler Acme spare parts. Talk about an orphan machine problem. What does one do about parts for a Conomatic or Greenlee or a Peterman. How about a Waterbury Farrel header? Will Fadal soon be in that category?


I watched Woody Allen’s Sleeper when I should have been sleeping around 4 a.m. on Saturday. His mimicking of a robot was hysterical. Forty years ago he was funny. Today—not so funny.


Alan Bentsen just wrote me an ecstatic email saying that because of my blog last week, he found a leg-type Davenport out of a trade school in Ohio. Supposedly it is a “creampuff” never used in production. He says he might want to acquire another Davenport but only if he can get one for free—his wife will only let him buy one.


The SEC’s lawsuit against Goldman Sachs is David versus Goliath. Who do you think Goliath is?


Question: Should race, gender, or religion be a factor in the selection of Supreme Court justices?

New promotion from DMG/MORI SEIKI

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3 thoughts on “Machining Industry Scuttlebutt

  1. Arthur Tinaglia

    What do mean “dance around the R v Wade” issue like the Bush appointees?
    I guess you weren’t around when Ruth Bader Ginsburg was being interviewed by Congress prior to her appointment. Why don’t you take a look at the transcript of the interview as it relates to abortion? I’ll save you the time: she flat out refused to answer any questions re her view of abortion. I guess she didn’t dance around it and I’ll bet that was fine with you.
    If you don’t like the Bush appointees please advise me so that I can advise you to quit sending me emails. Better yet; Quit sending me emails.

  2. Lloyd

    What I meant was that Chief Justice Roberts was able to finesse the Roe V Wade abortion decision without really addressing the issue. It would be refreshing if a Supreme Court appointee gave a straight answer be fore they were voted upon.


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