Machining Industry Scuttlebutt

Interesting juxtaposition of auction sales. Corporate Assets sold Die-Matic in Hamilton, Ontario. Gorgeous machinery including a 2004 L-20 Citizen and a 2003 M-20 Citizen . With buyers premium the L-20 brought $115,000 and the M-20 brought $127,000.

Two weeks later TCL Auctions sold a 2004 Star ECAS 20  for $175,000 and a 2006 Star SR-20II , for $180,000. A 2007 Willeman CNC Swiss fetched $275,000.

In late January, J.L. Spear sold off Alessandro Co., an old Acme shop in
Los Angeles. Acme-Gridley 1 1/4” RA6 machines in fair condition of 1970 vintage brought $2-3,000. A  little 2007 Okuma ECLII lathe, sold for $23,500.

I can add that though the prices on Acmes were dirt cheap at Alessandro, the auction was hastily put together and not extensively advertised. My screw machine dealership, Graff-Pinkert, is seeing a renewed interest in National Acmes, but buyers are looking for tight machines at 2009 prices, of which there are virtually none left in dealer inventories.


Poor judgment by the Precision Machined Products Association to hold its Technical Conference and big PMTS show during Passover. They knew it, but say it was unavoidable. I say, baloney. This was just a dumb choice.


The cover article on the February 10th Economist magazine was entitled, “Print me a Stradivarius. How a new manufacturing technology will change the world.”

People who have been reading TMW have been reading about printing parts technology using 3-D laser sintering since our cover story in 2006. But it is significant that a general interest magazine puts it on the cover.

To my knowledge none of the major machine building firms have embraced this potentially disintermediating technology.

From Feb. 10th, Economist Cover

From Feb. 10th, Economist Cover

Do you plan on attending this year’s PMTS show? Why or why not?

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3 thoughts on “Machining Industry Scuttlebutt

  1. Joe Leslein

    Middle management at my employer attends IMTS, and has sent myself and a few other “underlings” to PMTS. I say baloney, I want to see the big show. I’ve still got plenty of pens and magnets from last PMTS, so I’ll pass.

  2. Marc Klecka

    If you are into bar machining, PMTS is superior to IMTS in every way. The show is so focused that a bar machining manufacturer cannot help but improve their throughput as the result of their visit. Leave the pens and magnets; take the passion, technology and wisdom exuded by most exhibitors.

  3. Theron

    Regarding the PMTS show during Passover; for Christians this is Holy Week also. It is aparent that in many ways as America struggles for its indenity we have lost our regards for honoring FAITH. This is just poor planning on the part of PMTS.


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