Michael Jackson vs. Billy Mays

By Lloyd Graff

Michael Jackson’s passing got most of the ink, but the death of TV pitchman, Billy Mays, just a few days later affected me so much more. Both men died at 50. Billy was funny without trying to be funny and could relate to consumers. Michael Jackson was a sad freak who couldn’t relate to himself or his fame. Mays had soul, Michael had hair.

Watch the following videos for more insight and a response from the Today’s Machining World team.

Michael Jackson vs. Billy Mays — Who mattered more?

Response to Michael vs. Billy Mays

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0 thoughts on “Michael Jackson vs. Billy Mays

  1. Rick Elmoe

    You are absolutley corret about Jackson, but you are dead wrong about Mays. I had to be in a booth at a trade show next to The “As Seen on TV” booth where he made a guest appearence. When he was in front of the camera or signing autograghs for show attaendees, he was Mr. Nice., but in the exhibtors lounge or behind the booth , he was arrogant & mean. When the show ended they left all products behind for people to help themselves. I got a “Pops a dent” & The dryer vent brush, both of which didn’t do what Mays said they would do on TV & both broke during the first use.

  2. Nick Graff

    You are a crotchety OLD white man who probably owns a robe and a white hood. If you think it was in any way appropriate for you to voice your narrow-minded opinion on something you obviously know NOTHING about, then I question your judgment, character and ethics/morals. And furthermore, I don’t want your ignorant words polluting my e-mail any more., UNSUBSCRIBE me!

  3. Fred Candiotti

    Lloyd, I hope you know what you may be getting yourself into by voiceing your opinion on a business website. Talking about Michael Jackson can be like talking about a political candidate or religious figure to many. I am not surprised that someone in your age group can not connect with Jackson. But voiceing negative comments about him the way you did just makes you come off as a narrow-minded, ultra conservative super nerd. Add to that your comparing Billy Mays (who was very good at what he did) to Michael is like comparing the Pope to Bill Gates. What the hell do either one have in common? Jackson was a super talent (sort of like Sinatra in your world) and Mays was a super pitchman (sort of like John Cameron Swayze to you).

    If you made this video JUST to create a little controversy, good job. If this was the real deal, then you may have pissed off alot of viewers/readers.

  4. Dave Wolfe

    What does one man’s opinion about show business have to do with machining? Service up this kind of junk again and you can unsubscribe me, too. The two men are both dead. Have some respect for the dead and their families. Stick to something you may have valid opinions about. Dave Wolfe

  5. Jack Frost

    Lloyd: Entertaining but no cigar. You really missed the big comparison. We had the freedom loving Tea Parties which the media generally characterized as disenchanted losers and the Government workers union, those lovely service workers and Acorn demonstrating for more and larger distribution of wealth, while those wealth producers who served long apprenticeships got qualified educations for increased income are being forced to underwrite a life style for a major portion of our population whose only recommendation is, they were born. The generations that ‘adore’ Jackson are the same ones who watched our national manufacturing migrate to people who were willing to work while these same people demanded that the tools to increase production be invented so that they could share the increased wealth without pain. Walter Reuther and his brothers with a good dose of Karl Marx started it and I don’t think we can stop it. When you have to be a crook and a cheat to qualify for a high Federal Government position we have hit the ultimate low. What we need is to go back to the guilds and separate the quality of contribution from the quantitative element. Jack Frost

  6. Charles

    How sad that you feel the need to put down Michael who helped the greater good of society throughout his life time and he’s dead!

    This thinking has led to machining done overseas today.

    Where’s a solution to any problem? Instead, this article talks about personality issues and hate..

    Please unsubscribe me!

  7. Doug Brown

    What a narrow minded dumb comparison. You have way too much time on your hands, that is for sure.
    Billy Mays was a loud obnoxious pain in the ass that always made me mute the TV.

    By the way…. I always wondered what sucker would buy Oxyclean.

  8. Lloyd Graff

    Hey bro! What a cool surprise to hear from my unknown brother, Nick Graff. Just because I could not connect with Michael Jackson or his music does not make me a Ku Klux Klansman as you imply. Jackson did not sing to me, but Billy Mays did. I find the brouhaha over the sad old man of Neverland an interesting commentary on our times, which is one reason we chose to do the video about contrasting views of Jackson by comparing him to the jovial pitchman, Billy Mays.

  9. Mel Stark

    Who is Billy Mays? Ain’t he a baseball player?
    While MJ may not have been son-in-law material he was extremely talented.

  10. D.S.

    Jackson was at least honest and sold a quality product in the form of his entertainment — unlike Mr. Mays, a flim-flam man who made a living lying about the quality of worthless crap.
    Maybe you should be more thankful for whatever mental health you have and spend less time denegrating “freaks” who might have challenges you were lucky enough to avoid.
    Your time would have been better spend developing some relevant on-topic content that your readers actually want and could use.

  11. Sue Hall

    Unsubscribe me…… I am appauled that you would use a business platform to voice such a narrow minded opinion. Your attempt to diffuse the situation with your u-tube video was also lame.

  12. Jim Harvey

    I find it astonishing that there is such venom towards someone voicing their opinion. You’re all a bunch of “REAL AMERICANS” aren’t you? With that microcephalic attitude, it’s amazing that any of you are capable of operating anything more complex than a XANAX bottle.

    “I don’t like what you said so Unsubscribe me”. How pathetic. If your boss poses a differing opinion from yours would you quit? No, because you’re all a bunch of whining little cowards who can easily berate a person for holding differing views as long as you don’t have to do it to their face. So typical of liberal childish losers. Here’s a Flash, Michael Jackson was a perverted, pedophile who contributed ZERO to humanity. Don’t jump back wiht your “He was ACQUITTED” excuse. You don’t pay 20million dollars to someone if you’re innocent. So this piece of human trash has been glorified by the same press that villified him in life. How convenient to use Michael Jackson as a focal point while the administration is busy taxing and mortgaging your future off to the lowest bidder.

    PLEASE unsubscribe, the newsletter is far too sophisticated for you to even understand.. Narrow Minded? The lot of you are the definition of narrow minded.

  13. R Roehl

    Kudos Jim,
    you took the words from my mouth. Although the content of the video is irrelivant to machining I agree with you.